Review: Let Me Hold You by Alexandria House

Review: Let Me Hold You by Alexandria HouseLet Me Hold You by Alexandria House
Published by Amazon Digital Services LLC on June 11, 2018
Genres: African American, Contemporary, Contemporary Women, Romance
Format: eBook
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NBA player, Leland McClain, the baby of the McClain family, is tall, handsome, talented…and spoiled. He’s a man who gets what he wants, and what he wants is the lovely Kimberly Hampton.

Kim Hampton is the director of a community center, a woman who lives to help others while trying to forget a troubling past. As far as she’s concerned, a relationship with any man is a horrible idea. But a relationship with Leland McClain? That’s just out of the question.

He has to have her.

She is undeniably attracted to him.

But will she lower her guard and let him hold her?

*****Note: This is a love story involving an older woman and a younger man which contains profanity and sexual content. If you do not like these elements in your romantic reads, this is not the book for you.*****

If you saw this title and didn’t start humming the Bow Wow and Omarion’s song of the same name, we can’t be friends.

Ok, no onto the story.

Let Me Hold You is the second installment in Alexandria House’s McClain Brothers series. Leland is the youngest McClain brother and a very popular NBA player who recently relocated to St. Louis. One of the first things we learn about Leland is that he loves older women. If they don’t have at least 7-10 years on him, I don’t think he’s with it.

We meet Kimberly Hampton, the director of a community center in St. Louis where Leland is volunteering to be a part of the summer basketball camp. Leland is definitely attracted to her but Kimberly is all about her work and while she knows that Leland is fine as sin and would give her a good time, that is not a place that she’s willing to go. She hasn’t had the best of luck with past relationships and so now all she wants to focus on is herself and her work.

Leland isn’t willing to take no for an answer and is determined to convince Kim that they can have something beautiful. However, these two have quite a few blockades in their way. I’m not talking about a few twists and turns, they have a WHOLE LOT of shit that they have to overcome and it’s anyone’s guess how they can come out on the other side unscathed.

This was definitely a page turner, every time I thought I had moved past the drama, I was wrong. I like Alexandria’s writing style a lot. Even though there were a lot of obstacles in the characters’ ways, it didn’t seem overdone. They still felt relatable. Kim was trying to move past some of her choices, and become the person she always wanted to while still putting everyone ahead of her even when it was at her own expense. Leland seems to be the most compassionate of the McClain brothers which made him great for Kim. He was patient and nurturing and exactly what the doctor ordered.


I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out for the next book in this series as we learn about the other brothers. These McClain brothers sure do know how to keep a story going!


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