Review – Ameer & Sanjay: A Risky Love by Asia Monique & ShanicexLola

Review – Ameer & Sanjay: A Risky Love by Asia Monique & ShanicexLolaAmeer & Sanjay: A Risky Love by Asia Monique, ShanicexLola
Published by Royalty Publishing House on September 9, 2019
Genres: African American, Romance
Pages: 199
Format: eBook
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You better be worth the risk.”--
Sanjay Howard

Sanjay Howard vowed to keep her eyes straight ahead and her focus on the important tasks at hand. The baton of power was handed over to her from her mother—OG Jacqueline Howard—placing her in charge of their pursuit. With the responsibility of her brothers and new role weighing heavy on her shoulders, she works hard to keep her family safe. Love was nonexistent on her agenda, but after crossing paths with the captivating Ameer Davis, his persistence and captivity was too prominent to deny. 

Ameer Davis has a past he prefers to keep far away from his present life. A chance encounter with the alluring and mysterious Sanjay Howard, changes that for him. Not one to shy away from what he wants, he goes after her with everything he has. During his pursuit, Ameer senses similarities of his past role in Sanjay’s actions. Feeling inclined to save her, he vows to never give up on her, no matter how much she tries to push him away. 

What happens when the mystery girl meets her match and their worlds collide? Will Ameer be worth the risk?

Sanjay Howard is a boss. Taking over her mother’s dangerous empire hasn’t been easy but she’s excelled over the years. She’s ruthless when warranted and keeps a watchful eye over her family. She’s not looking for love as her mother has warned her, it’ll just complicate her already chaotic life.

Love doesn’t fall neatly into our plans though and when love shows up in the form of Ameer Davis, she can’t resist.

When you’re at the top, people will be interested in your spot and Sanjay faced perhaps her greatest challenge yet. Trying to protect her family and business while falling for Ameer and trying to keep the most important parts of her life a secret from him proves to be cumbersome. Soon she must decide if she’s willing to let Ameer into her life and embrace the feelings that are rushing to the surface.

Ameer was the book bae I needed this weekend. I liked him A LOT. I was over here like “he can come and protect me if he wants to!” He was confident and aggressive yet managed to be soft and emotionally available for Sanjay which afforded her the perfect balance.

Sanjay’s world can seem to be in a constant state of upheaval and she needed a soft place to land when it was time for a break, Ameer provided that.

Both characters were strong in their own right and pretty self-confident.  They became partners that complimented each other quite well.

This story was a vibe. It had a little danger and a whole lot of sexy. I liked the way Shanice and Asia collaborated. The story flowed well and the writing seemed in sync. I would definitely read more collaborations from these two.


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