Review: Inevitable Addiction by Christina C. Jones

Review: Inevitable Addiction by Christina C. JonesInevitable Addiction by Christina C. Jones
Published by Warm Hues Media on June 28. 2018
Genres: African American, Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 195
Format: eBook
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Dawn Oliver - daughter of theatre royalty, talented in her own right, and, according to the internet... a complete and total fraud.

All she wants is a fair chance to prove herself - no nepotism, no social media campaigns, no sponsors. Just pure talent, which she has in spades, if she can just get someone to believe in her.

The way Patrick Bell does.

Straightforward, self-assured, and exactly the kind of energy Dawn needs, if he can get past his own demons. He's good with life as it is - he's managing, with no expectation of anything beyond a casual connection.

A chance meeting brings about an unexpected spark of chemistry... leading to a bond neither of them seems to be able to get away from.

The third week, third Inevitable series book by CCJ.

Inevitable Addiction follows Dawn Oliver and Patrick Bell. Dawn is Kora’s daughter, who we may remember from Inevitable Conclusions. To be honest, it never crossed my mind that she would get a story. It’s not that I didn’t think it would be great, but because I wasn’t really invested in her. In the end, I related to Dawn the most and not just because we are closest in age compared to Kora and Nubia from the previous books.

Dawn Oliver is a budding Broadway Starlet with a few nominations under her belt. Public perception isn’t the best, however, and she’s seen as a bratty young woman who is as popular as she is because of her mother’s fame. That couldn’t be further from the truth. What the public knows isn’t even half of the story and she’s very passionate about her work. She’s stuck in a place where she wants to give off the aloof demeanor to the public as they berate her personal life but she also wants to be taken seriously on stage for her craft. While prepping for an upcoming role, she meets Patrick Bell (who builds custom furniture! Be still my heart!). He’s a man with struggles of his own and as these two get to know each other and forge a relationship, they realize they may have more in common than they thought.

These two both have very complex pasts. They are carrying around a lot of hurt and guilt that they are afraid to vocalize. Patrick is a bit more forthcoming though getting Dawn to completely open up is a struggle. She internalizes a lot of pain and is afraid to lean on her family because she doesn’t want to seem weak. As she remembers, her mother endured a lot of pain on her own and seemed to do it well. However, what we see as young children isn’t always the truth. I think Dawn forgot that Kora had close friends (namely Tariq and Nubia) that she was always able to talk to and help shoulder the weight.

Once Dawn and Patrick realized that they could trust each other, the floodgates opened and these two found something meaningful. Patrick was the calm to Dawn’s storm. Dawn gave Patrick’s life the boost of energy it needed.

I liked these two a lot. Inevitable Addiction was a great story with fantastic chemistry and complex yet relatable characters.

This Inevitable series is now officially ones of my favorites, I am indeed a happy camper!


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