Review: Inevitable Seductions by Christina C. Jones

Review: Inevitable Seductions by Christina C. JonesInevitable Seductions by Christina C. Jones
Published by Warm Hues Media on February 12, 2016
Genres: African American, Romance
Pages: 235
Format: eBook
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The chemistry between Stephen Foster and Nubia Perry is an undeniable fact.
The handsome, dynamic former rugby star is used to getting who he wants with minimal effort, but Nubia’s steadfast refusal to acquiesce – while also making it clear that she’s equally interested in him – is compelling enough to keep his attention firmly planted on her.

Even once it’s clear that Nubia’s polished façade is something she puts on for the public, to hide the scarred, vulnerable woman underneath, Stephen persists. He isn’t intimated by the model-turned-mogul’s aggressive personality – it only draws him in further.

Relationships aren’t even on Nubia’s radar. She has friends, family, and her steadily growing brand. After a failed engagement to the man she thought she’d build her life with – an athlete, at that – she’s not interested in anything beyond having her physical needs met.
Unavoidable chemistry and close proximity work in tandem to bring these two onto the same wavelength. With the eyes of the world watching, will they deny the obvious, or give in to the inevitable seductions of passion, companionship, and love?

I told you all I would be back after Inevitable Conclusions and here I am. Full disclosure: I am here washed away in tears as I type this review. You’ll know how mushy I get.

I knew I would like Inevitable Seductions but goddamn I didn’t expect to be this emotional after I was done. Nubia and Stephen definitely left one hell of an impression.

I did not expect this book to take me through as many emotions as it did. I knew I would like Inevitable Seductions but didn’t know I would be as invested in Nubia and Stephen as I was.

To the public, Nubia Perry is perfect, overly confident and has a bit of a reputation of being an ice queen. This former supermodel has everything she wants; money, fame, influence, and men lined up at her door. From the outside looking in, everything’s fantastic and some may assume it’s hard to connect with her on a deeper level.  However, there’s more than meets the eye. Behind Nubia’s megawatt smile is an internal struggle, a past that rears its ugly head and demons she thought were buried that resurface.

She wants something meaningful, a love she’s always dreamed about but due to life’s twists and turns, she has told herself that it’s not for her.  Enter Stephen Foster, a former soccer player turned financial advisor. Yes, he’s sexy and intelligent and one hell of a catch but beneath the sex symbol exterior is a well-balanced man who becomes the perfect complement to Nubia. I liked Stephen a lot, he managed to be patient yet aggressive, and wouldn’t relent to the games that Nubia was liable to play. These two were just fire, together! The chemistry was off the charts and they were pure, well, seduction. 

Now, there were times that both characters frustrated the hell out of me. There may have been an occasion that I wanted to mush Stephen in his damn head and times where I wanted Nubia to just let things flow and allow herself to accept Stephen’s love, but given her past, I definitely understood where she was coming from.

In Inevitable Seductions, you’ll get thrown a curveball but what you’ll read is a beautiful tale about accepting love, forgiving mistakes and the importance of being by your partner’s side as you weather life’s storms together.


CCJ recently released a third book featuring Kora’s daughter, Dawn. I’ll be back with that one. I COMING BACK! (And yes I know I left out the ‘am’).


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