Review: Strumming My Pain by B. Love

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. Review: Strumming My Pain by B. LoveStrumming My Pain by B. Love
on July 2, 2020
Genres: African American, Romance, Contemporary
Pages: 149
Format: ARC
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Nurse, Elise Waters, has been shaken. After witnessing the murder of the man she loved, anxiety had become her relaxed state and trust is a fair-weather friend. Forced into witness protection while awaiting her moment of testimony at the murderers' trial, she meets someone who provokes her truth. Her spirit, searching for soothing, cries out. But claiming healing isn’t so easy.

Izeah Moses is a guitarist with a head for business. As owner of an apartment complex, the presence of his new tenant sends his fingers into a melodic frenzy. Easily, she captured his heart, but grief and fear have overtaken her mind. Fulfilling her needs takes more than a serenade.

In this Spiritually Street Romance, will Elise and Izeah become their very own love song? Or will the past forever haunt, leaving them plucked to pieces?

In Strumming My Pain by B. Love, Elise Waters has experienced deep tragedy.  Losing the man she loves and being forced into witness protection in the midst of her grieving is a shock to her system. She’s spinning in deep grief and she finds solace in a way she least expects; with Izeah Moses.

Izeah was both creative and business-minded and his talent for music meshed well with Elise’s love for the art. While a relationship isn’t an option for Elise early on, the connection she has with Izeah is not something that can be denied. Love isn’t really on the radar for either initially but real love ain’t never cared about what is in our plans.

Izeah was a really good hero – he exuded a patience and understanding that was deeply needed. He was kind yet assertive and protective as hell over Elise. He was willing to do anything to protect her, even at the expense of himself and what he wants.  Elise was in major pain but she didn’t let that pain define her. She was focused on her healing and figuring out what her new normal was.  Caring and independent, she knew when to dig in and when to step back.

I will say I found it a little strange that Elise was in witness protection and was able to speak with her family so openly. Given the severity of the crime and that she had to go into protection, I assumed she would have to be a bit more isolated from her family for everyone’s protection.

I liked the overall vibe of this book. They clicked well and even though the chemistry was almost instantaneous, they took their time because they saw the value in making sure they were both ready. Strumming My Pain was both sexy and emotional. There were solid secondary characters and I’d definitely be interested in Hezekiah and Eva’s story.


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