Review: The Love We Seek by B. Love

Review: The Love We Seek by B. LoveThe Love We Seek on September 11, 2018
Pages: 290
Format: eBook
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*Please note: This is a 56,000 word standalone novel in a three part series. Each book has a happy ending. There are no continuations. Each book features a different couple and can be read in any order.*

“People die or leave when you need them most. Nothing is ever certain. Nothing is ever sure.” – Kailor Smith

When Kailor Smith’s mother dies, her life crumbles. Completely. Still looking out for her in death, Asia sends Kailor on a journey of self-discovery. The journey, meant to be a six-month path of fun and finding purpose, leads Kailor to Finley Trails where she temporarily lives with her brother Kai… and his best friend and bandmate Zion Johnson.

Zion Johnson is convinced that he has only two things to offer the world – his music and his manhood. Nothing more, like love, but definitely nothing less. After losing his parents at a young age, he’s convinced it’s his job to protect every damsel that comes his way. Even his best friend’s sister. No matter how much his best friend wants him to stay away.

As Kailor and Zion’s paths collide, they find themselves on a journey of healing and love together. There’s just one problem; their union is forbidden. Not only could their relationship destroy Zion and Kai’s friendship, but it also has the potential to ruin their band and all of the success they’ve built. The odds are stacked against them, and for a while they are even at war with their own feelings, but Kailor and Zion must choose between love or the numbing pain they have both accepted as their truths.

The Love We Seek is the first novel in a standalone series by B. Love. We meet Kailor, a young woman reeling from the recent loss of her mother. Life leads her to Finley Trails where she goes to stay with her brother and his band. One of his band members, Zion, peaks her interest almost immediately.

These two quickly begin a…friendship that is about healing, surviving loss, and living life but also stretches the bounds of love. A friendship that is firmly forbidden by Kailor’s brother, Kai.

Kailor has lived a sheltered life until her mother passed away. Zion is an unexpected yet calming presence as she works through the next phase of her life. Both characters sought a love that they had longed for (even if unknowingly) and never experienced that they found in each other.

These two should not be together, more people are against it than they are for it. Kailor has to learn to trust Zion, to not immediately walk away because of fear or lack of information. Zion must learn to open up his heart to another and experience feelings he’s long shut off to the world. They both have to believe in their connection and drown out the outside opinions that don’t quite understand their bond.


In The Love We Seek, Individually, both characters stood out. They were carefully developed and so even when I was annoyed with their decisions or wanted to shake one of them over some BS, I understood their motivations and their way of thinking. There were also really solid secondary characters and I’m definitely interested in reading their stories.



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