Review: First Love Second Chance by Chanta Rand

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. Review: First Love Second Chance by Chanta RandFirst Love Second Chance by Chanta Rand
Published by Garden Avenue Press on September 1,2017
Genres: African American, Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 170
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Nine years ago, wide receiver and notorious playboy, Colt Emerson, walked away from marriage to the only woman he ever loved. A chance encounter with a runaway teen convinces him there’s more to life than his own selfish needs. But Social Services won’t consider him an acceptable candidate to adopt the kid unless he can provide a stable family environment, and Colt only trusts one woman to handle the job—his ex-wife, Shayla.

Shayla Carter has fought feelings of anger and grief every time she sees her celebrity ex-husband on TV with some new bimbo draped on his arm. When he shows up out of the blue with a Texas-sized solitaire diamond and a promise to do right by her, she gives him a reception like hell froze over. But Colt agrees to her long list of demands, and now Shayla can’t help but wonder if it’s time to give her first love a second chance.

Chanta Rand’s latest novel is about having that second chance with your first love. I used to have this running joke that I didn’t believe in remixes unless it was a song. I take that back now, haha. There are definitely circumstances when you may have to revisit an old situation; in real life and in fiction.

Colt Emerson was a fool nine years ago, listening to his family when he dumped his wife in favor of his football career. He’s secretly regretted that decision, now he needs her when he looks to start an instant family.

What I liked: The chemistry between Colt and Shayla was palpable. Though Shayla tried to bury her feelings, she couldn’t deny that she was still in love with Colt. Colt knew he messed up, and though he initially went about it the wrong way, he was determined to get his wife back. I loved that he was not afraid to be the first to admit his love for Shayla and was passionate in expressing his feelings.

What I didn’t like: Colt was a damn fool at times. He left Shayla all those years ago and just thought he could waltz back into her life with a big ring and money because he needed her help. I wish we would have gotten more backstory on Shayla and a little more insight into her writing career. We learned briefly that she was a writer but that was it. She mentioned that she was getting gigs and doing okay but then tells Colt she has major debt and it makes it seem like she was struggling financially. There were also a few inconsistencies with small details when it came to timelines and Colt’s football career, but I was able to overlook that.

First Love Second Chance was a short, delightful read and while this was my first book by Chanta Rand, it won’t be my last.


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