Review: A Selfish Kind of Love by Bella Jay

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. Review: A Selfish Kind of Love by Bella JayA Selfish Kind of Love by Bella Jay
Published by Amazon Digital Services LLC on September 11, 2019
Genres: African American, Romance
Pages: 199
Format: ARC
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When Tessah Jones turned 18, she learned to put her charming ways to use and get whatever she wanted from men. At 21, she was living her best life on someone else’s dime, with someone else’s husband, and had no qualms about it! But when her sponsor wants more than she’s willing to give, she wants out and it lands her in the arms of the last person she’d ever expect or want it to — Kyree.

Kyree Warwick has a high tolerance for a lot of things but women like Tessah weren’t one of them. Their dislike for one another was no secret but when an unfortunate turn of events has him seeing her in a new light —he does the complete opposite of what his gut says and follows his heart down a path neither him nor Tessah thought possible.

As Tessah finds herself caught up in the rapture that is Kyree, she has to come to terms with who she is as the love she was never looking for is put to the test because of her selfish ways. Follow Tessah on her journey as she finds the true meaning of love.
Each book in the Four Letter Word Series is a standalone but the books are meant to be read in order as the books take place during the same time.

Tessah Jones is about her money. Love is basically non-existent on her priority list. If you want to get with her, your bank account needs to be sitting right. Hate it or love it, she makes no qualms about what she wants. Kyree Warwick is a friend of a friend and he believes he knows exactly what women like Tessah is about. And he ain’t about it.

They both have preconceived notions about each other. I won’t say they were necessarily enemies, but they definitely didn’t like each other at first. Something happens that brings these two together in a time of need and a spark flies. They’re soon in a relationship but it’s not quite smooth sailing. There are some lies by omission, a few meddling outsiders, and some complicated feelings which test the limits of this newly minted relationship.

Kyree was a nice character. He was patient when I didn’t think he would be, and loyal and willing to help when most probably would have turned their backs. He wasn’t really looking for love either but he was quick and mature enough to acknowledge his feelings and open himself up to the possibility of love.

Tessah was a tricky character for me to like. The book lives up to the title quite well because she was very selfish when it came to love and not just her relationship with Kyree, but just about all of her relationships with the secondary characters. Towards the end, we’re made privy to the full details of why she had the hardened heart and had reacted unfavorably in certain circumstances, I would’ve loved to get more of that sooner. Even if the others in the book didn’t know the full details, I think giving the readers a little bit more information at the beginning of the book would have helped a lot more with her early character development. I really didn’t start to feel like she was a layered character until later on and even then, I was left with some questions.

I liked the secondary characters in this novel. The book did a good job of keeping them present and entertaining without making the story about them.

In A Selfish Kind of Love, Kyree has to see Tessah for more than what she presents to the world and be willing to meet her halfway. Tessah must learn that while it is okay to be selfish, you have to mindful that it’s not to your detriment. She has to be reminded that love doesn’t always end in abandonment and when shared with the right person, can be beautiful.


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