Review: Breaking Bailey’s Rules by Brenda Jackson

Review: Breaking Bailey’s Rules by Brenda JacksonBreaking Bailey's Rules by Brenda Jackson
Published by Harlequin on November 3rd 2015
Genres: African American, Contemporary Women, Fiction, Romance, Sagas
Pages: 256
Format: eBook
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In New York Times bestselling author Brenda Jackson's novel, a Westmoreland learns that rules are meant to be broken! Rule number one for Bailey Westmoreland: Never fall for a man who would take her away from her tight-knit family's Colorado home. So why is she following rancher Walker Rafferty all the way to Alaska? Bailey tells herself she owes the sexy loner an apology, and once she gets there, it's only right to stay and help him when he's injured…isn't it? Before long, Bailey realizes home might be where you make it—if Walker is ready to take all she has to offer.

One of my favorite families, the Westmorelands, are back with Breaking Bailey’s Rules. In the latest story, we witness baby girl Bailey fall in love with an Alaskan rancher.

We finally get to briefly meet the Outlaws; the family Rico tracked down that are relatives of the Westmorelands. This Alaskan family is skeptical about meeting the Denver clan and initially respond to an invitation by sending family friend Walker Rafferty to Denver instead. The Outlaws want to make sure the Westmorelands are on the up and up though we know they have nothing to worry about.

Walker doesn’t have an ulterior motive when going to Denver and genuinely just wants to feel out the Westmorelands for his friends.  Everyone is looking forward to meeting him and is welcoming, except Bailey. Longtime Westmoreland fans know she is perhaps the most hardheaded out of the bunch. She thrives off of getting under her family’s skin and is perhaps the most outspoken. She is very protective of her family and everyone has to convince her to be on her best behavior while Walker is visiting.

The attraction was instant between Bailey and Walker. However, Bailey put her foot in her mouth a couple times and it wasn’t until she visited him in Alaska that things really started to take off.

Despite Bailey’s missteps and sometimes childishness ( I thought), she was one of my favorite Westmorelands. She was fiercely loyal to her family, ambitious, and had just the right amount of spunk and rebellion in her.

There were many layers to Walker Rafferty, he had a painful past and needed someone like Bailey in his life. There was definitely more than meets the eye with him. Someone needed to show this loner that it was okay to want company every once in a while; Bailey was the right one for the job.  Both Walker and Bailey knew quite a bit about pain and they were able to break down each other’s defenses.

Of course, with any Brenda Jackson novel, there were quite a few twists and turns. Walker was very hard headed and Bailey was a bit inconsiderate in the beginning. However, we all know that the turmoil was temporary. Walker Rafferty turned out to be the man that got Bailey to break a few of her longstanding rules.

If you are a fan of the Westmorelands, like I assume some of you are, Breaking Bailey’s Rules was a solid read. The Alaskan backdrop was a new change and I hope we get to read a bit more of it in future books.

New to Brenda Jackson? There’s probably no better way to start than with the Westmoreland saga. While it would be nice to read the previous books, it isn’t necessary in order to enjoy Breaking Bailey’s Rules.

Next up in December is the final Westmoreland hero (Brenda Jackson’s words – not mine) when Bane and Crystal are reunited. While he may be the last of the Denver brood to get his happy ending, something tells me this won’t be the last we see of them. I’m sure we’ll get at least five stories with the Outlaws and with Rico still looking for more family, who knows how many more eligible men and women are out there related to the Westmorelands?


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