Three Reasons I’ll Buy A Book

Despite popular belief, I don’t buy books just for the sake of spending money. Sure, I buy a ton of books but there are always valid reasons as to why I make that purchase. I’m actually quite picky about what I spend my money on and that includes my beloved books. There’s a mental process I go through before I click buy on my favorite website or take a book to the cashier at my local bookstore.

Three Reasons why I'll buy a book

Here are three main reasons why I’ll buy a book:

I love the author

Cheryl Strayed, Eric Jerome Dickey, Elizabeth Gilbert, Brenda Jackson, Rochelle Alers, Altonya Washington; these are some of the authors that will get my coins every time. I’m familiar with their work, I trust their writing and I love the majority, if not all, of their books. It may take me a while to completely warm up to an author but once I do, you’re in my good graces forever.

It’s a romance written by an author of color

This is an automatic buy for me. Romance is by far my favorite genre and if the author is one of color, I don’t hesitate to purchase. I read many different subgenres of romance novels, and nothing makes me happier than reading love stories that feature characters who look like me.

It’s a bargain

Look, I’m shallow and I’ll admit that. If a plot synopsis sounds good and it’s a 0.99 or 2.99 Ebook you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll try it out. I may return it if I’m underwhelmed but a great synopsis can lure me in every time.  Also, there are certain classics that I need to replenish in my library. I don’t always want to re-buy the book at it’s normal price of $10 or $20 if I’ve read it before and simply want to replace it. This is why I loved used books so much. If I can buy The Secret Life of Bees for $3.00 then I am absolutely going to do it.

Those are three main reasons why I’ll buy a book, what are yours? Do you rely heavily on recommendations, does it have to be from an author that you trust? Let me know in the comments below!

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