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Fall in love with The Brides of Hilton Head Island, Sabrina Sims McAfee’s, International Bestselling contemporary romance series. MARRYING THE BEST MAN is an emotional, sexy love story with light suspense. When the alpha men in this series fall in love it’s always and forever. And their dashing brides couldn’t be happier.


She couldn’t believe he wanted her.

Sick and tired of allowing her filthy rich father to control her every move, Amber Forrester peruses a law degree against her will. From where she stands her future looks very bleak. And being overweight doesn’t help her matter not one bit. Totally hating life and ready to give up on her future, one day, she accidentally bumps into him—fine behind Ricky Casillas—the hottest boy on the college campus. One look at Ricky and Amber is ready to let him have his way with her. In every. Way. Possible.

He never saw her coming.

Being the main man on campus came with so many perks, and getting plenty of girls was just one of them. Enjoying being a die-hard playboy, Ricky Casillas, settling down with just one girl was the last thing on his mind. Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, she bumps into him—the beautiful Amber Forrester. As soon as Ricky’s fingers graze Amber’s soft hand, warmth travels up his arm. Now he’s hooked on her and is determined to get between her voluptuous thighs.

True love collides with betrayal.

It doesn’t take long for Ricky and Amber to fall in love. However, right when they decide to commit to one another, something devastating happens to Ricky, leaving him fighting for his freedom. To set fire to the fuel, someone extremely close to Amber tells a big lie, tearing them apart. Forever.

Fate brings them back together, but will it last?

Years later when Ricky and Amber finally reunite, they couldn’t be happier. Shockingly, everything that happened to them in the past is finally revealed. To make matters worse, a serial killer is on the loose.


Racing against time, Ricky is terrified that this time, he may not only lose Amber’s love. But his life as well.

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Amazon Bestselling Author, Sabrina Sims McAfee, is your writer of contemporary romance, women’s fiction, and romantic suspense. She loves writing about alpha men and sexy strong women, and the adventurous journeys they travel.


In addition to being a writer, Sabrina stays quite busy managing a pop recording artist, teaching online self-publishing courses, and traveling abroad. She thanks all of her readers for their constant and loyal support.


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