Book Review: Intoxicated by Ally Fleming

Book Review: Intoxicated by Ally FlemingIntoxicated by Ally Fleming
on June 6, 2016
Genres: African American, Erotica, Fiction, Love & Romance, Multicultural & Interracial, Romance
Pages: 306
Format: eBook
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A (BWWM) Interracial Suspense Thriller. Motivated by desperation, Etienne Shaw and her three friends make a decision one night that will shape their destinies and haunt their futures. For Etienne, it was the night she believes she became a monster. Whether the monster was simply conjured in a moment of terror or had been brewing inside her for years, was a question with the power to incapacitate her. Then, she meets Mercuri Nikolaides, a man with the power… to intoxicate her.
For Mercuri and his friends, the desperate act of four women sets the stage they will use to disentangle themselves from a sinister group they’ve bled and killed for longer than they can stomach remembering. Meeting Etienne was a potent surprise and Mercuri doesn’t know what to make of the waif-like beauty or her ability to lay waste to the fortress he’s constructed around his emotions and his desires for anything beyond the vast material success of his life.
Now, Etienne’s and Mercuri’s worlds passionately collide as their enemies return. Vengeance, however, is not the endgame. More is sought and; in the midst of its pursuit, the innocent and the guilty alike will be crushed.

I am officially intoxicated by this sleeping giant, all pun intended.  I’m always game for a new romance series and author, only this author isn’t new. Ally Fleming is the pen name for one of my favorite authors, Altonya Washington. I saw her tweet a blog post about this new book and pen name last week, and let’s just say I immediately went to Amazon to purchase.

Altonya Washington has always known her way around a fantastic suspenseful romance and as Ally Fleming, she continues to deliver. Intoxicated is a novel that wraps you up in lust and danger. It follows Mercuri Nikolaides and Etienne Shaw, two people who had previously never met but who were unknowingly tied to an event in Vegas 6 years prior. For Etienne, what she and her friends did on that fateful night was necessary in order to survive. Though they know this to be true and have gone on to lead successful lives, guilt and fear have never allowed the events of that night to stray far from their minds. For Mercuri, what these four women did allowed him to put plans in motion to leave behind an evil group.

When Mercuri and Etienne first meet, it’s all about lust. They have no idea just how intertwined their lives are until much later. Once the truth is discovered, however, while Etienne would like to let Mercuri go save them both pain, all Mercuri wants to do is love and protect her at all costs.

Mercuri was fine as all get out! Tee was definitely better than me because she held out longer than I would have been able to. I also have no shame in admitting this. There was something so alluring yet dangerous about Mercuri that you couldn’t help but be drawn to him. With his friends, just like Etienne, he was the glue that held everyone together. While he never explicitly said it, true love was the one thing he very much desired that always seemed to evade him. Given his past and all the wrongs, he has helped to right, very few people deserved a happily ever after more than him. Except maybe Etienne, of course.

I also respected the fact that once Mercuri was sure of what he wanted, he did whatever he could to get it and keep it. Etienne was afraid, rightfully so, and tried to push him away. He was adamant about not only protecting her but loving her past the pain. Mercuri was determined to let her know that he loved her despite AND because of her past.

You know Mercuri had my heart, right? There are very few things I love more than a hero who is willing to love the heroine past her pain.
As you can imagine, with both Etienne and Mercuri having three best friends, Intoxicated won’t be a standalone novel for long. I cannot say that I am unhappy about that in the least. These stories aren’t nearly over, the demons that they all face aren’t quite behind them and I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a few more villains before this is all put to rest.

Ms. Washington, may I make a suggestion for the next couple in this series, please? My hope is for Pope and Bear. There’s something about Pope that I am very intrigued about.

Intoxicated is a gritty storyline of love, power struggle and mystery. I definitely recommend reading this book, you won’t want to put it down.


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