Review: Legacy by AlTonya Washington

Review: Legacy by AlTonya WashingtonLegacy by AlTonya Washington
Published by Amazon Digital Services LLC on April 10, 2020
Genres: African American, Romance, Contemporary
Format: eBook
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Off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina, New Island was home to many things-among them stories of resilience and rebirth. New had been home to Zyon Hammond before depraved events of a long-ago night removed him from his home and the girl he loved.

Sixteen years later, Zyon runs the family business New Corp in Ohio along with his cousins, Frayzer Guthrie and Warwick Noble. Work keeps Zyon from lingering in perpetual heartbreak over the fiasco with first and only love, Moira Croix. Zyon knows he'll never get her back. Revenge is Moira's top priority and Zyon's name is first on her payback list.

Zyon makes it more than a little difficult for Moira to carry out her plans. She never stopped loving him, despite her best efforts to do so. Zyon meets her coldness with warmth, her hate with love, her stubbornness with seduction…and he's very good at it.

Legacy is book 2 in AlTonya Washington’s Tradition series. For those unfamiliar, the first book is Tradition – it is very important that you read this series in order. Go ahead and read that and come back. 

Ok, you’re back? Great!

This series tells the story of six families in a South Carolina town where not everyone is keen on freedom and love. Legacy is a story of wicked pasts, epic love, and unspeakable crimes. 

Caught up in the web of lies and pain of the past are Zyon Hammond and Moira Croix, childhood sweethearts and members of the founding families of New Island. 16 years ago they were ripped apart. There are certain “traditions” that members of this town have banished due to their cruelty and nonsensical origins, but there are some that believe tradition is everything and it’s all about legacy, regardless of the cost.  I’m purposely being vague about the traditions for a reason. It is the cornerstone of this story and these couples, and it’s one you simply must read for yourself. 

Zyon knows without the shadow of a doubt that his life and love belong to Moira. However, Moira’s (rightful) anger won’t allow her to forgive or tolerate Zyon – at least not when they first lay eyes on each other after all that time. 

They’re back in the same town and while there, they are tasked with more jarring secrets they are forced to uncover. While they work together, the love that was always bubbling under the surface rises and despite Moira trying to stop every one of Zyon’s advances – her efforts soon prove futile.

Despite the ugliness and deeply rooted pain from the past, a love and passionate connection like Zyon and Moira’s simply can’t be denied. It’s not pretty and some would say there should be no forgiveness, but their bond refuses to be diminished. The love leaves no room for anything else but them being together.


While Zyon and Moira may have found their semblance of happily ever after, this overarching story is far from over. There are still punishments to be handed out, secrets to unveil and truth to be brought to light. 

Legacy, as well as the Tradition series, is equal parts mystery, intrigue, fantasy and a whole lot of sensual chemistry. 

Read this series, trust me. 


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