Review: Undoubted by AlTonya Washington

Review: Undoubted by AlTonya WashingtonUndoubted by AlTonya Washington
Published by LLC on February 14, 2021
Genres: Romance, Multicultural & Interracial
Pages: 127
Format: eBook
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Benaja Lake never believed she was part of an extended family, much less heir to a fortune worth billions and carrying many dark secrets. She was sure a mistake had been made when approached with an offer to assume her dying uncle’s place at the head of the family company. The offer was complete with a hoard of enemies and a protection detail led by Syson Faust-a man with more than a few dark secrets of his own.

I’m surprised I remembered the password to get in. It has been so long since I post, I’m not going to even give you to give you a long story and say how I’ll be more consistent. Reading books and I haven’t been friends lately but I’ve been getting better so this may or may not be some progress. Let’s just get right into my latest read LOL.

Benaja Lake didn’t believe she had an extended family. Her parents died a few years back and to her knowledge, that was all she had. However, her long-lost uncle is dying and she finds out she is the heir to a billion-dollar empire. The only problem, aside from her never knowing this family existed, of course, is that this company is riddled with greed and secrets. And her uncle is expecting her to turn it all around. This means a target is on her back. People aren’t happy with this and they want her gone before she can even take her position. That is is where Syson Faust – a man with more secrets than Jason Morgan (my General Hospital fans know who I’m talking about).

He’s hired to protect her but being just a bodyguard isn’t something either of them wants. 
Undoubted packs a punch in a short time with the many secrets and truths that need to be unraveled on both Benaja’s and Syson’s part. Their families are convoluted and their histories are murky. It’s a nice mix of intrigue and sexy. There were a few times  I will say the mystery overshadowed the romance. There was a lot to get through and I think if it was a little longer, that would have helped. 
Syson’s friends though? There’s a lot there with Avery and Jace and I’m hoping they get their own story. 

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