Review: Enticed by You by Elle Wright

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. Review: Enticed by You by Elle WrightEnticed by You by Elle Wright
Published by Kensington on August 28th 2018
Genres: African American, Contemporary, Contemporary Women, Fiction, Romance
Pages: 336
Format: eBook
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In Wellspring, Michigan, the Wells family is known for their wealth, their taste—and their patriarch’s unbridled greed. But now his three heirs are taking back what’s rightfully theirs . . .   With his father ailing and incapacitated, Parker Wells, Jr. has a bold new vision for the company he now heads. For starters, he wants to heal the rifts his father’s ruthless tactics have created in the community—and within his own family. But when Parker is rear-ended by a gorgeous stranger, he finds himself torn between business and pleasure . . .   Crashing her car is not how corporate attorney Kennedi Robinson wanted to announce her return to town, especially since the man she hit is the same one who’s trying to rip her aunt’s livelihood and land out from under her. Kennedi knows better than to fall for Parker’s charms—and she’s primed for battle.   “Beautifully written . . . an emotional journey and shows there can be a happily ever after!” —K.M. Jackson, author of As Good as the First Time   “A refreshing read that sucks readers into a sizzling romance!” —Deborah Fletcher Mello

Ok, so the Wells patriarch is definitely a good mix of Stefano DiMera from Days of Our Lives and Victor Newman from Young and the Restless. I have a love/hate relationship with a good soap opera villain dad, so I’m a fan. Look up these characters if you’re not familiar with soap operas.

No idea who the Wells family is?  Read my review and pick up a copy of Elle Wright’s Touched by You.

Enticed by You is the follow-up to the aforementioned novel and features the eldest Wells sibling, Parker. Parker is interim CEO of the Wellsprings Water Corp and trying to sort out the tangled mess his father has left behind in wake of his condition. In addition to the many company problems, there are quite a few familial issues that he has to also contend with.

Kennedi Robinson is a recently divorced attorney who makes her way back to her hometown of Wellspring for some much-needed rest and relaxation. On her way in town, she rear ends Parker’s vehicle. While there is no damage to his vehicle, he is initially annoyed by the interruption to his already full schedule. That is until he gets a glimpse at Kennedi. Now I don’t know if I would call it ‘love at first sight’ but she definitely had his attention and that is more than most women have had from him in a long time.

Kennedi and Parker soon start a relationship but they have a lot of obstacles in their way. Parker has many dust-ups with the company, one even involving Kennedi’s family company. In addition to that, Kennedi had a lot of unresolved issues from her previous marriage and made things unnecessarily hard for Parker at times. There were a few times where I became annoyed with her because she did not let Parker explain anything and jumped to the wrong conclusions. He had an enormous amount of patience with her though as she worked through her issues.


Admittedly, I liked the mystery and scandal surrounding the Wells family and company a bit more than the romance. Nonetheless, this was a solid addition to the Wellspring series and I’m interested in the next installment featuring the elusive brother, Bryson.


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