The Doctor Is In! Read These Medical Romances

I don’t know if I’ve read too many serial romances back to back, but I’ve found during my research (read: my recent memory) that medicine is a very popular career field for our heroes and heroines. No kidding, I have literally read 3 books in the last month where the protagonist was a doctor.

So as with any time I find a theme, I must make a list. I combed through my current book collection and came up with three of my favorite medical romances. For the record, I categorize medical romances as stories that have a lead that works in the medical field. It doesn’t necessarily take place in the hospital or place of business, but their profession is very prominent throughout the book.

The Doctor Is In! Here are my favorite medical romances, along with the publisher’s’ description:

Vivid by Beverly Jenkins

This was one of the first books I read by Beverly Jenkins. A historical romance novel featuring one of the very few black women doctors in the 1800s? Count me in.


“It’s 1876 and Dr. Viveca Lancaster is frustrated by the limits placed upon female physicians of color. When she is offered the chance to set up a practice in the small all Black community of Grayson Grove, Michigan she leaves her California home and heads east. The very determined Viveca is one of the few nineteenth-century Black women to graduate from the prestigious Woman’s Medical College of Pennsylvania, so she knows all about fighting for her rights. But she may need more than a determination to face down the distractingly handsome Nate Grayson, the Grove’s bull-headed mayor.

Nate Grayson goes to the train station expecting Dr. V. Lancaster to be a man. Of course, he does. But when the lovely dark-skinned Viveca introduces herself, he is at first speechless…then full of some very loud and very choice words, ordering her back on the train and out of his town! It’s 1876 and women aren’t supposed to be doctors, men are. Nate Grayson is prepared to fight for that belief.

However, he isn’t prepared for this extraordinary beauty’s stubbornness and fire, nor for the vivid way she heals, then steals his heart.”

Homecoming by Rochelle Alers

You all know how much I love the Hideaway Legacy by Alers. The Cole family has continued to be one of my favorites so any chance I have to include one of their novels on a list, I will do so. I have to admit that I didn’t think Tyler’s story would be one that I liked. He always came off as too formal and I was worried this book would be a bit boring in comparison to the others. Luckily, I was wrong. 

“Reporter Dana Nichols has come home to Mississippi, determined to uncover the truth behind her parents’ long-ago murder-suicide tragedy and finally clear her family name. The last thing she expected was her instant attraction to handsome, dedicated doctor Tyler Cole. Or that her investigation would cause someone to try to destroy Tyler’s career and reputation. Now, as they search the past for answers, they must walk a dangerous line between trust and uncertainty that will put their future love at stake.”

Man of Fortune by Rochelle Alers

Yes, I am including Rochelle Alers again. What can I say? She loves her doctors, and I love them too. I also included this book because I believe her Best Men series is underrated.


“Close friends since childhood, Kyle, Duncan, and Ivan have become rich, successful co-owners of a beautiful Harlem brownstone. The one thing each of them lacks is a special woman to share his life with—until true love steps in to transform three sexy single guys into grooms-to-be….

Once bitten, twice shy—it’s a lesson that Tamara Wolcott took to heart after her first marriage. But the handsome, witty financial whiz she ends up trapped in an elevator with could make her change her mind.

Duncan Gilmore doesn’t hide his attraction to voluptuous E.R. doctor Tamara, but he has his own reasons for hesitating to commit. Even though each encounter draws them deeper into an intensely passionate affair, Tamara begins to wonder whether her luck—and her lover—are about to run out again. Their future together depends on whether Duncan is willing to take a chance, and truly let her into his life….”


Do you have any favorite books in this sub-genre? Let me know below!

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