Review: Yours to Keep by B. Love

Review: Yours to Keep by B. LoveYours to Keep by B. Love
Published by B. Love Publications on January 1, 2018
Genres: African American, Romance, Urban
Pages: 266
Format: eBook
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“They have so much to lose that love doesn’t seem like a worthy enough gain.”

Aali Jamison is fresh out of jail after doing a ten-year bid. His loyalty to his family is what put him behind bars, so it only seems fair that his older brother gets him a job working security for his boss – Oxford Pierce – owner of one of the wealthiest tobacco companies in America.

Lexie Pierce has never been swayed by her father’s wealth. If anything, being heir to Oxford Pierce’s tobacco throne has given Lexie a hunger for independence outside of her father’s name and fame. All of her life she’s had one dream… one goal… and the will to achieve it on her own – until her father makes her an offer she can’t refuse.

When Aali joins Lexie’s security team, he immediately finds himself enraptured by her. There are just two problems – Lexie is promised to another man, and even if she wasn’t… Oxford has absolutely forbid Aali to even lust after his daughter mentally. Unintentionally, Lexie uses her feminine influence just as Eve did in the garden of Eden. And just like Adam… Aali is forced to choose between obeying Oxford or satisfying his desire for Lexie. Will he take of her forbidden fruit and eat… or will he have the strength to resist a temptation that has never looked so sweet?

“Some things should never go out of style. Music you can feel and paperbacks are two of those things.” – Aali Jamison

B. Love has got to stop doing this to me. Giving me these sweet sexy savage type of men who are not in my state, zip code or peripheral is not good for my emotions.

Aali Jamison, in Yours to Keep,  was the perfect B Love alpha male. He was street and rugged yet vulnerable and super sweet. A man who appreciates vinyl music and a good book? Love it!

Aali is home after a ten-year bid and has a new job with Oxford Pierce, wealthy tobacco owner. His task? Guarding Pierce’s daughter, Lexie. He’s immediately drawn to her, however, she is absolutely off limits. These two getting together spells disaster for everyone involved as meddling fathers and corporate takeovers are thrown into the mix.

The attraction between Aali and Lexie was evident from the beginning. There was a spark before they even had a full conversation. However, in a lot of ways it was still a slow burn. These two didn’t even kiss until about 30 percent through the book, and surprisingly, I loved that! It made me love these two even more.

Lexie had a lot of growing up to do. When she and Aali first met she really didn’t know herself; know who she truly wanted to be or how to be be loyal to herself before anyone else. While I understand this, I must admit she worked my nerves more than I care to admit. On a few occasions, Aali almost had to let her go because he couldn’t put all of his energy into something without having it fully reciprocated. She smartened up though and that’s all I can ask for.


Yours to Keep was a gritty, sexy, make you swoon romance and a great B. Love novel to start 2018.


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