Book Review: The Rhythm of Blues by Love Belvin

Book Review: The Rhythm of Blues by Love BelvinThe Rhythm of Blues by Love Belvin
Published by MKT Publishing on November 30, 2017
Genres: African American, Contemporary, Love & Romance, Romance
Pages: 430
Format: eBook
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Some believe the old adage, “where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” Well, in some instances the smoke is just a coverture for secrets. Dark ones.

Ragee is a successful R&B singer, music composer, and actor who shot to fame and celebrity at rocketing speed. He has the voice, the troubled soul, the seductive look, and the alluring mystique, all of which give him the traditional packaging of a soulful rhythm and blues singer. But he also has an unshakable stigma attached to his stardom that won’t seem to go away.

Wynter Blue thought she was taking control of her world the day she up and quit her job. As a social service professional, she was done with helping afflicted adult men to right their paths in life. She was ready to live for her. Finally. She wanted to pursue her dreams and stretch the bounds of her creativity.

Little did she know, the day she walked out of her job was the very one she’d run into the shroud of smoke. His smoke. Awfully familiar with secrets herself, Wynter questions if she can handle Ragee’s darkness while trying to bring him into the light of truth.

DISCLAIMER: The Rhythm of Blues is book one of a two-book series. This series is for mature audiences ONLY. This installment is a full-length novel containing profanity, erotica, and sensitive sexual content. It ends on a cliffhanger. If you do not like dark, racy romance between your pages this literary venture is not for you.

Me: Self

Self: Hmmm

Me: Don’t start reading Love In Rhythm & Blues by Love Belvin on Christmas Eve,

Self: Why not?

Me: Because you have things to do and you’ll love it so much, you’ll get distracted.

Self: Mhmm

Me: Natalya!

Self: Yes?

Me: Are you listening to me?!

Self: Mmmhmm – downloads the book-



The incomparable Love Belvin proves yet again why she’s simply one of the best in the literary game with her latest release, The Rhythm of Blues.

I devoured this book in about a day and I still have too many feelings. I had to wait a few days before writing this review because I was just ready to curse Ragee, Myisha, that irritating Heather and that damn Mike!

Whew! Ok, let’s get to the story before we get to my emotions.

Ragee and Wynter are both broken souls, in their own way.  Ragee is a successful music superstar with an alluring and soulful presence that makes everyone want to know much more about him. He has a lot of baggage from his past and his tight-lipped demeanor and lack of information about his life to the public has placed a stigma on him that forces Wynter to enter the picture.

Wynter is a talented social worker who leaves her job one day after trying and failing (to her, at least) to help complicated individual right their wrongs. She wants to pursue the musical dreams that have been in her heart for a long time.

Without giving too much away (because that’s half the fun with this story), Wynter and Ragee end up together under complicated circumstances. Wynter isn’t a fan of Ragee, the man nor the music. Ragee has no desire to know or remember anything about Wynter. As with all of Belvin’s novels, that doesn’t last long for too long. These two find themselves drawn to each other in an authentic and spellbinding way.

Liking each other and sleeping together isn’t even half of the battle with Ragee and Wynter. Though these two were initially a slow burn, they become drawn to each other like a moth to a flame. They’re both good for each other, Wynter gets Ragee to open up in ways he’s never thought he would want to. Ragee helps Wynter regain parts of her former self.

While these two make a bit of progress with one another early in the book, when two damaged souls like these get together without properly working on themselves; there will be outside factors that try to dull their flame.

Meddling family members, shady ass managers, and Ragee’s inability to allow himself to just be provided an ending that made me want to throw my damn shoe. While I’m not entirely surprised, I still felt conflicted. Thank God part two will be available in the next few months because I AM PRESSED.

If you haven’t already, do yourselves a favor and pick up this dang book. Tweet me once you do and let’s discuss once you’re done!


P.S. Can we see more of my boo Ezra in the next book? Mi love him long time!


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