Review: Love’s Ineligible Receiver by Love Belvin

Review: Love’s Ineligible Receiver by Love BelvinLove's Ineligible Receiver by Love Belvin
Published by MKT Publishing on August 9, 2018
Genres: African American, Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 407
Format: eBook
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The league didn’t believe in me. I was the last pick of the first round.
The Kings didn’t believe in me. They low-balled my contract and mandated therapy to begin immediately.
My coach didn’t believe in me. But I get it; she’s a female.
The General don’t halfway believe. He keeps threatening violence if I blow this opportunity.
This chick I bagged at the first team event… Well, let’s say she’s listening.

I’m a black, educated, and self-made man. I have no kids, and was rich and established before draft night. The odds are stacked against me, but I’ll show them all. They’ll understand my name before it’s all said and done.

I was born a king, and now I am a King.

Note: Love's Ineligible Receiver is book 5 of the Connecticut Kings series and is a completed installment.

The Connecticut Kings are BYKE! -word to Plies-


Let’s begin with Love Belvin’s Love’s Ineligible Receiver, shall we?


Let me tell you something, Love definitely had the perfect title for this book. It was PERFECT.

If I had the will of Rutledge Kadar Amare, I would have knocked him upside his damn head. Whew! Love got me calling this man by his entire name. He was a pain in the ass, to say the least.  That’s how you know I’ve read a good book when I have these many emotions about a character during and after reading this novel.

Rut is a recent college graduate and a rookie for the Connecticut Kings. He’s arrogant, selfish and to be honest, a downright chauvinist. He’s told pretty early on that he needs to keep the antics to a minimum, listen to his coaches, and don’t flirt or bring his sexist ways anywhere around the organization. So what does he do? Well, I could tell you but that would ruin half the fun.

Enter Parker Grayson; a woman with a past of her own and commitments she can’t and won’t disentangle herself from. These commitments have put a strain on her and she’s in a bubble; not really living and enjoying life. These two meet one night and their rendezvous should have been the end of it. However, that’s not the case and they soon enter a friendship phase that’s equal parts soothing and awkward. Not everyone is happy with these two being close and they not only have to work out their feelings for one another but the feelings of the outside world peering in.

While this book was definitely about Parker and Rut’s love, I feel that the main focus was the evolution of Rut. Now he didn’t turn into a perfect gentleman overnight or by the end of the book. However, we saw growth. Rut was deeply flawed but Love got readers to see past that as he examined his own behavior as well. Whether you hated him, loved him, or hated to love him, you’ll appreciate the character and the effort he put forth, even if ill-advised, at the end.


Pick it up, and let’s discuss these Connecticut Kings!


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