Review: Coffee with a Side of You by B.Love

Review: Coffee with a Side of You by B.LoveCoffee with a side of You by B. Love
Published by B. Love Publications on September 5, 2017
Pages: 190
Format: eBook
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Nyx Fifer went half on everything with a man that hadn’t committed to giving her all of him, so when Glenn left… Nyx was stuck carrying all of the financial weight he neglected to take with him – as if she wasn’t having a hard-enough time keeping her coffee shop up and running. Rocco Tate was in the business of giving and taking.

As a real estate developer, he gave to potential business owners that he believed he could profit from, and took the businesses of those that he believed he couldn’t. When Rocco decided to invest in a few blocks and turn the space into an entertainment district he didn’t expect Nyx to stubbornly hold up his plan. Her business was clearly suffering because of the competition of a major coffee chain on the same street, and Rocco was sure Nyx would immediately jump on the opportunity to work with him. She didn’t. Her persistence to keep her business matched his persistence to buy it from her. And as he pursued her business… Rocco also found himself pursuing Nyx’s heart. Tired of men withdrawing more than they deposited into her, Nyx refused to allow Rocco access to either… but will that consistently be the case?

Or will she end up like the other hundreds of business owners that fell for Rocco’s devastating charm and hand over the keys to both her business and her heart?

B. Love, meet your newest fan, Natalya.

The past few weeks have been mentally draining, to put it mildly. To put it simply, my nerves have been absolutely haywire, so I did what I always do;  I read lots of books. I needed something to help me escape; nothing too heavy, nothing too reaching, just something to make me feel; but in a good way. B. Love’s Coffee with a Side of You was the perfect balm to that ailment, albeit temporarily. B. Love makes you FEEL and that she did when I was introduced to Nyx Fifer and Rocco Tate.

I was automatically drawn to Nyx because of her love for words. She writes in these journals that allow her to bare her soul and innermost feelings. While she might be a coffee shop owner, her desire is to be a famous diarist. Rocco Tate “was the perfect mix of gentle and savage.” He is now one of my favorite book heroes, he was raw and vulnerability yet had an edge and standoff nature to him that I loved. He understood Nyx’s need and love for words and gave her the words that she needed. Not only did he say the right things, he backed it up with actions. As a lover of words and one that places such a high value on them, it pleased me that Rocco was so in tuned with Nyx’s needs and adjusted as necessary; he was a natural provider. Don’t get me wrong, Rocco wasn’t perfect, and he definitely had his own issues but he was a stand-up guy. A man that isn’t  afraid to say what he feels and back it up is a-okay in my book.

B. Love had this to say about Nyx and Rocco before the book came out and I can’t agree with her more: “Here’s the secret recipe for their success – they balance each other out. What one lacks the other fills. They connect on a soulful level that they have never experienced with anyone else.”

Coffee with a Side of You was poetic, it was raw, it was emotional. One of my favorite passages that I gravitated towards the most was when Nyx started to strip away more of the walls she built up prior to Rocco. Admitting how deep her feelings ran, she told Rocco:  “The day I bumped into you. You inhabit my dreams. Irritate my soul. Calm my spirit. Ignite my heart. That’s why I push you away. Every time I’m in your presence I feel… like I’m with the man I’ve spent my entire life with already.”

Alright, Nyx. Alright. I can definitely relate.

I don’t even like coffee but I’ll take B. Love’s largest literary cup with a side of Rocco Tate.


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