Review: If You’ll Let Me by B. Love

Review: If You’ll Let Me by B. LoveIf You'll Let Me by B. Love
Published by B. Love Publications on June 13, 2018
Genres: African American, Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 169
Format: eBook
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Every time I asked my father why he stayed with my mother he would say, “Love isn’t for the weak.” Because of Cory, I was learning that to be true. He’d given me my first taste of love, and he helped me to see just how stupid our hearts could be. Because of Cory, I learned that love was the only thing we couldn’t see in the physical that could completely screw up the physical – mainly our hearts.

Love had the ability to break your heart into small pieces and feed it to the idiot you loved just to make him stronger while you grew weak.

If love wasn’t for the weak, may I never be strong. – Nola Williams

For Nola Williams, until she achieves every dream and goal on her to-do list, love was to be avoided at all costs. That had been an easy task… until she met Logan Hart. Not only is Logan devilishly handsome, wealthy, and charming, but he also has the power to help Nola achieve her dreams in a fraction of the time it would take for her to do it on her own.

In exchange for her dreams, Logan is asking for Nola’s hand, heart, and commitment, and they all seem to be an easy trade in the beginning. As their exchange unfolds, Nola finds herself wondering if her dreams were worth the risk of tying herself to a man like Logan. A man who has an effortless ability to seep into the crevices of her cracked heart.

The problem? Their union is only to last for a year, and though the world thinks it’s real, Nola and Logan know it’s fake. Will she be able to leave Logan with her dreams and her heart unscathed, or will she learn firsthand how love has the power to destroy just as her father did?

Logan Hart is now one of my book baes. I didn’t think B. Love would get me to like a male character as much as I liked Jaxon Jeffries from Just Say You Love, but she may have proved me wrong. Coincidentally both men found themselves in relationships of convenience which is moving up there as one of my favorite tropes.

In If You’ll Let Me, Logan Hart and Nola Williams enter in an arrangement of sorts. Logan needs to take his family business to the next level, and for that, he needs a wife. Nola has grandiose dreams of her own and he’s willing to make those come true. They both think a lot alike and Logan is convinced that she would be perfect. A timeline is set and it seems like it should be easy going at first.

However, tying yourself to a woman like Nola can make any person, even Logan, rethink the initial plan. He’s falling in love and while he’s willing to say to hell with the agreement and make it all real, he has one hell of a time convincing Nola.

Nola is determined to leave when the time comes with her heart unscathed. However, true love doesn’t care about our most carefully laid plans and Nola soon sees that while she may think Logan has the power to potentially destroy her, all he wants is to show her a love she’s never known, if she’ll let him.

Logan was attentive and supported yet assertive enough to let Nola know she couldn’t just have her way anytime she wanted. He’s exactly what the doctor ordered for Nola even when she was too dang stubborn to figure it out at first. Outside opinions and trusting the wrong person almost cost them their relationship but these two prove that what they have far exceeded any contract or attachment they thought they had.

If You’ll Let Me is a sensual tale of allowing space for both love and career and not letting bad examples cloud your judgment so that you are able to accept the good into your life.


Logan’s brother, Lattimore, has his story that will be released next week, I am very interested to see how that will turn out. He’s a firecracker for sure. You can pre-order that HERE.



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