Review: A Risqué Engagement by Stephanie Nicole Norris

Review: A Risqué Engagement by Stephanie Nicole NorrisA Risqué Engagement by Stephanie Nicole Norris
Published by Amazon Digital Services LLC on June 7, 2018
Genres: African American, Contemporary, Family & Relationships, Love & Romance, Romance
Pages: 212
Format: eBook
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On the surface, Corinne Thomas has the world at her fingertips. As a stewardess for one of the largest airlines, Corinne travels the globe, gaining a glimpse of what most people only fantasize about. Adventurous by nature, her daring persona allows her the freedom to take risks and live her life, at times, in complete anonymity. But there is something that lingers deep down that, if brought to light, could stir the masquerade Corinne’s built for herself. For the past few weeks, exchanges with a certain someone wreaks havoc on her ability to maintain a solid pretense. Happily ever afters aren’t for Corinne, but when her soul is roused by the magnificence of his authority, Corinne considers opening herself to a new set of dangers. Love.

As one of the world’s most powerful sports agents, Xavier Valentine lives his life in the high skies as he flies from one destination to another. Negotiating million-dollar contracts, product endorsements, and meeting league representatives keeps his schedule air-tight. Not only is every hour in his day accounted for, but it’s impossible to get in a room with him without an appointment. That’s why when Xavier finds himself locked in close quarters with Corinne Thomas, he questions the very thing that he’s prided himself on conquering: his mind. Since meeting Corinne on a blind date weeks before, Xavier manages to find time for her at every turn. And the moment he decides to let Corinne in, with her comes a powerful elixir of love.

A Risqué Engagement by Stephanie Nicole Norris is the second installment in the Valentine brother series. We first Xavier and Corrine in the first book, No Holds Barred. Corrinne is Camilla’s best friend and Xavier is one of the wildly successful Chicago based Valentine brothers. While I would recommend reading that book first, this book can be read as a standalone.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about the story.

Both Xavier and Corrine felt a spark of attraction when they were set up on a blind date with Hunter and Camilla (from No Holds Barred). However, they’ve been taking their time while getting to know each other. Texts, phone conversations, and seeing each other when they both happen to be in Chicago is how they’ve been communicating in the weeks since their first date.

We turn up the temperature quite a bit when Xavier insists on meeting Corrine halfway while on she’s on a layover. These two spend a few hours in Salt Lake City where their relationship takes a turn. These two start a very sensual and risque relationship and before they know it, they’re both in love and thinking about a future and family both thought would be on the backburner for a while.

Xavier and Corrine’s chemistry was evident from the get-go. They were both very sensual individuals and their passion definitely leaped off the pages. I liked how focused Xavier was in his intent to show Corrine how much she meant to him. While he was a very busy man, with a demanding schedule, he made time for the things that were of importance to him.

With the exception of the predictable subplot, I really liked this book.  A Risqué Engagement was insta-love story with solid characters, a great storyline and familial ties that I really appreciated. There was mention of the rivalry between the Valentines and the Roses (from Stephanie’s previous family series) and I’m definitely interested in how that will play out.

I’ll be back for Book 3!


P.S. The cover model is fine as hell, ain’t he?!


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