Review: Another Chance to Love by D. Rose

Review: Another Chance to Love by D. RoseAnother Chance to Love by D. Rose
Published by Amazon Digital Services LLC on June 4, 2018
Genres: African American, Contemporary, Love & Romance, Romance
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After ending a relationship that left her emotionally and physically scarred, Ivy is ready to start fresh by taking a break from relationships and focusing on herself. While avoiding love and relationships she finds comfort in an unlikely place. Her new work assignment may put a wrench in her plans to avoid love.

Career driven and workaholic Grant has been under his dad wings since high school preparing to take over the family business. Now that he has become CEO he is determined to expand the company to every major city. His new contract has him focusing less on work and more on love. Never one to shy away from a challenge Grant is instantly attracted to Ivy and will stop at nothing to be with her.

Will Ivy open her heart and take a chance on love again or will she continue to keep her heart closed off?

Last week while scrolling through Twitter and saw an image of this book, Another Chance to Love by D. Rose. After peeking at her timeline, I saw that this would be her debut project and made a mental note to support as I am always willing to support new authors.

Ivy is working at a marketing firm, focusing on her career and living her life after leaving an abusive relationship. She has a Rolodex (slight exaggeration but I like the fact that my girl had options) of men that she can casually date while letting them know up front that she’s not interested in anything too serious at the moment. Grant Smith is the recently named CEO of his family’s real estate business. He first meets Ivy when she is put in charge of his company’s marketing plans. These two form an attraction while taking a business trip and soon they’re in a relationship.

However, old wounds are hard to heal and while Grant is pretty sure that Ivy is the one and wants to be in a committed relationship, Ivy is understandably a little timid. She’s used to dictating the rules and coming and going into men’s lives as she pleases. She soon realizes that none of that will fly with Grant and she has to decide if she’s willing to give Grant a chance or walk away from another chance at love, that they both deserve.

I liked Grant. He put his foot down. He wasn’t controlling but he was assertive. He let her feel all of her emotions but also let her know that the ghosting shit she played with everyone else was NOT going to work with him. I really appreciated the fact he was open and upfront and he let her come to him when she was ready. He didn’t push himself on her, which was especially important after her last relationship.

Another Chance to Love was short and to the point, and managed to give me secondary characters that I liked. I’ll be keeping an eye out for Dean and Autumn’s story. I think if there were a bit more detail and better editing, I would have given this a higher rating. 

Nice debut by the author, I’ll be reading more of her work.


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