Review: Just Say The Word by Tiffany Patterson

Review: Just Say The Word by Tiffany PattersonJust Say The Word by Tiffany Patterson
on February 21, 2019
Genres: Romance, Multicultural & Interracial
Pages: 418
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I don’t do shy women.
And I don’t do women that need rescuing.
Then why am I so drawn to her?
Sandra Robinson. Even her name sounds unsullied. She isn’t my type. So, when I found myself thinking about her after the one dance we shared at my best friend’s wedding, I was confused. Months later, when she was left stranded, I began rearranging the entirety of my schedule to be her chauffeur, I grew suspicious. Of myself.
I’ve taken care of my family since the age of thirteen. I’ve spent over a decade building up my real estate business to become one of the most well known in the city of Williamsport. And I dated women who didn’t go speechless at a simple request to dance. That isn’t who I am. Then why is this woman with eyes the color of maple syrup, and a ten year old daughter who is her mirror image, causing me to spend my days and nights thinking about her? And why am I so ready to put my own personal demons to the side, just to win her heart? Because, make no mistake, that is what I’m after. I don’t intend on losing.
But winning this game will require patience to break down the barriers she’s erected around her heart. Once they’re down, I don’t plan on letting up. Anything or anyone that gets in my way is in trouble. All she has to do is just say the word.

Damon would protect and cherish Sandra at any costs, all she had to was say the word.


I’m starting to like these boys from Williamsport quite a bit.

I really like Tiffany Patterson’s Townsend Brother series. When I read Joshua’s story last year (and Tyler’s), I was hopeful that we’d get stories from the secondary characters mentioned. To my delight, it looks like we’ll be seeing more of the Townsend brothers with these spin-offs.

In Just Say The Word, we watch Damon and Sandra’s love story unfold. Remember Joshua and Kayla from Meant To Be? Ok, so Damon is one of Joshua’s best friends and Sandra has become a really close friend of Kayla’s. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, don’t worry – this serves a standalone and you get all the backstory you need.

From the outside looking in, these two are complete opposites and probably wouldn’t seem to be a great match. Damon is a brooding mogul who is focused on his business. Sure, he enjoys the company of women but love and family isn’t an immediate to-do on his list. Sandra is a paralegal who loves the work she’s doing with the law firm. She is focused on her job and being the best possible mother she can be to her adorable daughter, Monique. Sure, she’s attracted to Damon but doesn’t believe he would ever reciprocate any feelings.

She’s shy, he doesn’t do shy but there’s definitely a feeling he can’t seem to shake.

Outward appearances can be deceiving though and we soon learn that these two have more things in common than anyone realizes. They’ve both lived through traumatic experiences that changed the course of their lives, but they’ve found ways to cope and get on with their days as best as possible.

Time spent together entices Damon even more, and soon he wants all Sandra has to give. It takes some convincing but soon these two are together. However, a past Sandra had hoped she would never have to revisit comes back in a haunting way and threatens to shatter both her and her newfound love.

I liked Just Say The Word quite a bit. We got detailed characters with solid backstories and great chemistry. There was love, heartbreak, a few surprises, and a little bit of grit; things I’ve come to expect since Tiffany introduced me to the town of Williamsport.

And did I mention that Monique was the cutest little girl? To be fair, I’m a sucker for a novel that features an adorable child and Monique definitely checked off all the boxes.

Pick up the book and let me know how you like it!


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