The 7 Types of Readers

As much as I love my fellow book nerds, I’ve realized that we are not all the same. I was having a conversation recently with a good friend swapping book recommendations and I realized that we’re very different readers. This is not a bad thing, it’s just that though we can both be considered voracious readers, our style is quite distinctive.

the 7 types of readers

This got me to thinking and of course, me being me, I started to make a list. In the end, I came up with what I believe to be the 7 types of readers.

Literary Snobs 

Everyone knows at least one person like this. They are only interested in “sophisticated” literature. Do not bring them a copy of a romance, YA, or chick lit novel if you value your life.

Series fanatics 

Series fanatics might be the closest thing to binge readers. They like to stick with a particular family or group of friends and follow them for multiple books. While I’m not a definite series fanatic, I do love my fair share of them. There is something to be said about growing with the book characters. One thing that I do not like, however, is having to wait months or years on end for the next installment to be released.

If you can’t stomach the idea of a standalone novel then it’s pretty safe to say that you’re a series fanatic.

The Book Juggler

I have another good friend who is definitely a book juggler. She simply cannot read one book at a time. It both annoys and fascinates me. Ask her what book she’s reading and she’ll name off at least 3 books that she’s reading simultaneously.

The “physical books only” reader

I sympathize with this reader even though the loyalists tend to take it a bit too far. As much as I appreciate my beloved Kindle, there’s something to be said about the physical books. I have a couple hundred books in my possession to prove my point. When it comes to non-fiction books especially, I’ve found that I retain the information better this way.

Non-Fiction Enthusiasts 

Speaking of non-fiction books, the readers who absolute love these books are those who prefer real facts and stories. These are the readers who love biographies and historical pieces. Real life < fiction.

The Re-Readers

I’m a re-reader, I will freely admit that. When I love a book, really love a book, I’ll re-read it any chance I get. I tend to re-read my favorite books to the point where I can memorize the dialogue and plot down to the most minute detail.

Fiction lovers

Ok, if I had to absolutely choose the type of reader I am, it would be a fiction lover. I LOVE fiction. Over 70% of the books in my collection is fiction. There is something about getting lost in someone else’s story, for better or worse, if only for a couple of hours or days that I love. I definitely appreciate non-fiction and read quite a bit of it, however, my imagination is able to run wild when it comes to fiction.


What type of reader are you?

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