Review – Lover’s Origin: Black Island (Ramsey Tesano)

Lover's Origin: Black Island (Ramsey Tesano) by AlTonya Washington
Published by Al Tonya Washington on March 26, 2015
Genres: African American, Contemporary, Fiction, Romance
Pages: 152
Format: eBook
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Have I mentioned my love for Altonya Washington’s Ramsey/Tesano series? Yes, I believe I have on quite a few occasions. So imagine my surprise on Tuesday when I saw she had a new book out. And not just any new book, but another installment in the Ramsey/Tesano world!

Before I continue, if you have not read this series stop reading right now. I repeat, to avoid spoilers and lots of confusion – STOP READING NOW!!

Now back to what I was saying. I have obviously been slacking because I had absolutely no idea that this book was coming out. Lover’s Origin: Black Island serves as a prelude to the last book in this beloved series, A Lover’s Return.

I felt left out that I didn’t know though I have no one to blame but myself.

I bought this book and read it in about three hours after work THAT SAME NIGHT. I don’t play about these Ramseys.

Lover’s Origin: Black Island is a short novella that provides some much needed background on Hilliam Tesano and Persephone James. I will reiterate again: if you have never read this series, it will not make sense to you. We have seen these two pop up at different times throughout Tesano/Ramsey books but never got too much into their relationship. That all started to change with the A Lover’s Control and continued with this one.

These two take center stage as we get loads more information about the life Hill, Fernando, Kraven and others had to endure on that island. We’ve seen little glimpses and heard a few tales in previous books but it’s all really starting to come together. A lot of my questions were answered though there are still more than a few lingering.

Persephone, an only child (or so she assumes), has been sheltered growing up and at the age of 16 convinces her parents to let her spend time with her cousin for the summer. This is just a diversion as she actually plans to meet  the sender of a mysterious package and get answers to questions of her own. The quest for answers leads her to the island,and Hill Tesano. Persephone isn’t what Hill expected and soon he finds himself willing to risk his position, among other things, on the island in order to keep her safe.

As we have to come to expect from the Ramseys’ and Tesanos, this book is filled with love and desire. Though they are young when they initially meet, you can’t deny the spark between Hill and Sef.  While Pike is my favorite Tesano, Hill is a very close second. A bit of the fog that has always followed Hill lifted for me and I am intrigued to learn more.

Washington says that she realized the back story for this couple would take much more space than a normal prologue would allow so that is how we got this novella. I, for one, am very happy that this happened!

Now some of you may be saying that this review is a tad vague but that is because I know you didn’t listen. There are a few of you that probably still read this review even though you haven’t read all the books in the series. So if you are indeed confused, there is only one way to fix that – READ THIS DANG SERIES! Start with A Lover’s Dream.

I am so ready for A Lover’s Return even though a part of me is sad because that book means the end of this intriguing series. Am I putting too much stock into these characters? That may be the case but that’s fine. You all will deal!

Let me know if you any of you take a trip to Seattle and introduce yourselves to the Ramsey family! You should start with Quest 🙂


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