My Favorite Romance Heroes

You all know I love a good romance novel. My requirement for every romance is that the book must have a great hero. If the men aren’t sexy, intelligent, and ready to save the day then what type of romance is it?!

Considering I hold my heroes to pretty high standards, that means I, of course, have favorites.

The men I love are handsome, attentive, wildly successful. They’re ruthless yet alluring. While they may project a certain facade to the world, for their families and the women they love; they are willing to do whatever it takes to love and protect them.

Here are my favorite romance heroes:

my favorite romance heroes

Gideon Cross

Sylvia’s Day Bared to You 

Gideon Cross isn’t a perfect hero even by romance novel standards. Gideon is very protective and quite overbearing. He refuses to comprise when it comes to Eva’s whereabouts and safety. He’s proven that he’s willing to do whatever it takes to protect her. He crowds her space and can be suffocating to the point where I can’t stand him. However, his childhood wasn’t the best by any stretch of the imagination. Because of his upbringing and subsequent trauma, he tends to overcompensate in areas. One thing I have never doubted while reading this book, however, is his deep love and adoration for Eva. The way he chooses to express his feelings is often misplaced but the level to which he is willing to go to prove she is the most important thing in his life is why he makes this list.

Isak Tesano

Altonya Washington’s A  Lover’s Shame

Now you know how much I love the Ramseys and Tesanos! I used to think I would love them all equally until I met Isak Tesano. It might be that he appreciates his woman with a little meat on her bones. It could also be the fact that he was the most even tempered out of the Tesano brothers. It could very well be the fact that even when he was shrouded in darkness, he was willing to fight his way back to the light that was his wife Sabella. Given the reason for the initial divorce, Sabella blamed herself for the change in Isak’s persona. He was once the peacemaker and after they separated, he changed for the worse. He didn’t blame her, never did, as his actions had a purpose. His sole focus was to get his wife back and that meant turning into a person he wasn’t that proud of so he could get the answers to questions he desperately needed. That sheer determination, even when it was a bit unnerving, made me love Isak (aka Pike). Pike was ruthless but passionate, caring when it came to Isabella; and you all know those are qualities I love my heroes to have!

Drake Warren

Brenda Jackson’s The Midnight Hour

I like my heroes with the right amount of edge. There’s something about a man who’s a bit cut off from the world and seems unpenetrable but around his loved ones, he wears his heart on his sleeve. Drake Warren from Brenda Jackson’s The Midnight Hour is a pretty good example of this. Drake has always been a bit closed off from the world but when his fiance dies on a mission, he goes numb. After years of living on the edge and risking his life, a woman comes into his life and changes it forever. This isn’t just any woman though, Victoria reminds him too much of the woman whose life ended way too soon. What happens between Drake and Victoria in the midnight hour sets the stage for many secrets to be revealed and old enemies to resurface. Sir Drake Warren is the epitome of badass and I love it!

Joshua Kirkland

Rochelle Alers’ Vows

I have made it a point to constantly profess my love for Rochelle Alers’ Hideaway Legacy series; the Coles are my favorite fictional family and Joshua Kirkland is my absolute favorite. Granted he happens to be the biological child of Samuel’s without the last name but longtime Alers’ fans know the reason behind that. He’s also the son that’s most like his father.

Joshua wasn’t looking for love. Due to his childhood and the strained relationship with his stepfather and the hatred he had for his biological father; he didn’t open his heart up to anyone. A brilliant man, he worked for the government and his latest assignment took him to Mexico and a woman he would never forget; Vanessa Blanchard. The assignment turned quickly turned into something more when these two started spending time together. He revealed very little about himself nor did he give any promises regarding their future.  Though it wasn’t the plan, Joshua branded Vanessa with his love and passion. Without giving away too much of the storyline, Joshua is my favorite romance hero because he was a combination of all things women tend to find alluring. He was passionate yet mysterious; loving yet slightly dangerous, not to the woman he loved, but to anyone who dare harm her or get in his way.


There are many other romance heroes I adore but these four are my absolute favorites. Now I know I can’t be the only one who has a serious attachment to my book heroes, do you all have favorites? Tell me in the comments below!

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