Five Romance Book Series Everyone Needs to Read

August is Read-A-Romance Month, let’s celebrate with the must-read romance series! 

You all know that I am a romance novel junkie. This is my favorite genre to read without question. In addition, to the romance, I also have a major weakness for series. While I have many standalone novels in my collection, there is something about a series that will get me every time. The lure of a big family, many love stories and a few secrets and betrayals? Sold! It’s no coincidence that some of my favorite authors have one or two longstanding series to their names.

Now that I think of it, a lot of the newer romance authors I follow I found by way of a series.

As I know I’m not the only who loves a good romance saga, I figured it was only right that I make a list. Here are the five romance book series everyone needs to read!

five romance book everyone needs to read

On Dublin Street by Samantha Young

Read: On Dublin Street

This series begins with Jocelyn and Braden and reminds us of a very important lesson: life isn’t meant to be lived alone.

You’ll love this story because while Braden Carmichael is used to getting what he wants, Jocelyn proves to be his greatest challenge. She’s used to being alone after tragedy struck years ago, but Braden is just the man to make her see that alone isn’t what she wants to be. He’s stubborn and intent to find out as much as he can about the real her, even if she pushes him every step of the way.

This book was actually on sale in Barnes & Noble and even though I already have an electronic version, I was tempted to buy it. I mean, it was $5! #dontjudgeme

Crossfire by Sylvia Day

Read: Bared To You

The way people love Fifty Shades trilogy is the way I love this Crossfire series. Ok, well maybe not to that extent but it far exceeds Christian and Ana in my opinion. While this series has its misses, the writing and storyline are simply done better. I hate to compare the two but being as they’re in the same genre it is inevitable. The storylines are similar but the characters are better developed and there’s a lot more intrigue.

You’ll love it because it’s not a simple cat and mouse game. Eva and Gideon are drawn to each other and that quickly turns into something neither are prepared for. There are great perks to this but there are also some really bad side effects. You would think because Gideon has the money and power among his peers that he would hold the power in their relationship. You wouldn’t be further from the truth. There’s intrigue, codependency, some criminal activity in this series but there’s also love – no matter how twisted it may become.

Madaris Series by Brenda Jackson

Read: Tonight and Forever

While Brenda Jackson’s  Westmoreland series may be more popular, the Madaris family has always been more my style.

You’ll love this series because while the Madaris’ family and their friends are wealthy and powerful, there’s just enough edge in all of them. They continually prove that they are always willing to put their spouses before themselves and stare down any enemy if it means keeping their loved ones safe. While this isn’t an action series per say, Jackson sprinkles some mystery in a few of these here and there to keep it interesting.

Ramsey/Tesano series by Altonya Washington

Read: A Lover’s Dream

I have ranted and raved about this series on this blog for a LONG time so it should not surprise you that this made my list. The Ramsey series begins with A  Lover’s Dream and follows Seattle’s most provocative family and they are definitely a family to keep an eye on.

You’ll love it because it is the perfect combination of forever love, lust, betrayal and the worst kind of secrecy.

The Hideaway Legacy Series by Rochelle Alers

Read: Hideaway

Rochelle Alers’ Hideaway series has everything I love about great romance novels. There is simply no series I love more than this one. These books follow the Cole family, the wealthiest African American family in the United States.

You’ll love The Hideaway Legacy series because it is the prime example of a family willing to risk everything for the sake of love, and isn’t that what a good romance is all about?


There you have it my fellow romance novel junkies, five book series every romance lover should read! Of course, I haven’t named them all and there are a TON of good ones out there. It was pretty hard to narrow them down but these are honestly my favorites.

So let me know in the comments below: what books am I missing, what series should I have included on this list?

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