Book Spotlight: Poems from the Heart of A Real Woman On Love by Rachel M. Harvey

Book Spotlight: Poems from the Heart of A Real Woman On Love by Rachel M. HarveyPOEMS From The Heart Of A Real Woman: “On Love” by Rachel M. Harvey
Published by JustRach Creations on February 14, 2016
Pages: 206
Format: Paperback
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POEMS From The Heart Of A Real Woman – “On Love” with the various facets of love. Love that makes one’s heart speed up; “love” that abuses; “love” that is conditional; “love” that is abiding and love suffering; “love” that will look at the chaos that life sometimes brings and it still says “I’ve got you.” It speaks of the definitions that some would have for the emotion called “love.” It is the hope that you will smile, cry some happy tears if you find yourself relating to a particular poem in a personal way and the ultimate hope is for someone to be inspired to go after their dreams. We all have stories to tell, whether they be in the form of poems or songs or chapters in a novel. Tell your story too. There may be someone in the world waiting on your work to be inspired to do more. From this Island Girl to the World – When true love finds you, hold on to it.

When I was in South Caicos two weeks ago, I came across a book by my cousin Rachel Harvey.

Though I don’t write about poetry on this site nearly as much as I should, I’ve always been a huge fan and I’ve written poems since I was a little girl. So seeing that this book is in one of my favorite genres, I knew I needed to purchase a copy.

Poems from The Heart of A Real Woman on Love is Rachel’s take on the various facets of love; the familial, the unconditional, the fairytales, the heartbreaking, the abusive, the “I can’t get enough of you” love. The poems are relatable to all women (men too) as we’re bound to at least connect to one of these stories.

I “coulda” have a life by now 

A Home by now 

I “coulda” have plans by now 

A love right now 

I “coulda” have that guy right now 

Yeah that one – WOW

I “coulda” have love right now 

But I played around 

And lost that chance 

While there were quite a few gems, my two favorites are  “Don’t Want Any “Could A Kind A Love” (pg 90) and “The One That Got Away” (pg 184).

Support love, poetry, and family by picking up a copy of Rachel’s book here. Like she says, “from this island girl to the world – when true love finds you, hold on to it.”


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