The Best TV Show Theme Songs

The one thing I really miss about some of my favorite older TV shows are the theme songs. Very few, if any, TV shows nowadays have theme songs and that makes me a little sad. If a show came on at 8 p.m., I needed to be in front of the television at 7:58 p.m. because I didn’t want to miss the opening credits. Granted, I still do that now, but before it was because I wanted to sing along to the show’s theme song.


While some of the most epic show theme songs didn’t premiere in my time, they are a part of such staple shows and I’ve watched countless reruns that I claim that as my favorites.

Here are the best TV show theme songs of all time:


This is NOT a popular choice but the soap opera fanatic in me loves this song! If I remember correctly, Jane French had already recorded this song and it was then picked to be the NBC soap opera’s theme song. I just had to sway every day at 2pm when Passions came on and this song played.

Sanford & Son

This theme song has just enough funk that makes me groove every time I hear it.

The Jeffersons

If you don’t start clapping and try to find a tambourine when the beat drops for this song, I am looking at you sideways.

The Proud Family

This was my jam. I couldn’t help but do a little two-step every time this intro came on. Now that I think about, just about all Disney shows had pretty decent theme songs.

I miss The Proud Family! I need to check to see if they have the episodes on DVD. -runs to Amazon-

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

If you don’t know the lyrics to this theme song, I can’t trust your judgement. You would swear I was a member of the group Kriss Kross every time I hear this song, that’s how hard I rock to it. 🙂

The Nanny

“She’s the lady in red when everybody else is wearing tan!”

Every time this theme song plays, I grab the nearest remote or cell phone and pretend it’s a mic; every, single time. I know every word to this song and my shoulder bop is MEAN. I picture myself in shoulder pads and pencil skirts every time I sing this. If this song was available at karaoke, it would be my go-to.

The Golden Girls

The GOAT theme song. I swear this was my ringtone for my closest friends for a solid two years.

Have you heard the gospel version to this song by Finally Aaron? Check it out below, if this doesn’t uplift your spirit then I don’t know what will! Ha!


Honorable mention has to go to the theme songs of 227, Good Times, and Charmed (I find any excuse to sneak a Charmed reference in my posts! )

So what about you, what do you consider the best TV theme songs? Let me know in the comments below!

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