The Three Best Soap Operas EVER

I suffered a knee injury a few weeks ago and as a result, I have spent a lot of time at home. This means that I’ve been watching a lot of television. Don’t get me wrong, I am a self proclaimed TV enthusiast. However, since the incident, I am watching twice as much television. Whether that means watching all the new fall shows, sneaking a glance at talk shows or netflixing some old favorites; you name it, I’ve probably watched at least one episode in the past four weeks.

The major thing that has happened though is my love for soap operas has been reignited. I’ve always been a huge soap opera fan and even dedicated a post to my favorite super couples, however, I would just catch glimpses of a few shows here and there. I am now fully dedicated to watching my soap operas again and I could not be happier.


Honestly, watching these shows again makes me feel as if I never really fell off. Sure, there are some new characters, relationships have changed and storylines have evolved; but the core of what I have always loved about soap operas seem to still be there.

After getting caught up on the lives of my favorite characters, I started thinking back to when my love affair with soap operas began. I thought about the ones that have been canceled and the shows that are still standing. As a result, I made a list of what I feel are the three best soap operas EVER.



Now NBC’s show, Passions, used to be my ultimate guilty pleasure. This show won’t go down as the most critically acclaimed or the most well written but dammit, it was entertaining. Most times, this show was so bad that it was good.

For those who don’t remember, Passions followed the lives of the residents of Harmony. There were A LOT of lies, betrayals and paranormal activity going on in this New England town. The highlight of this show had to be the witch Tabitha and her doll Timmy, who was brought to life. They were at the helm of the supernatural elements that were a part of Passions such as the doors leading to Hell, witches, warlocks and things of that variety. Timmy was such a lovable character and one of the reasons I consistently tuned into the show even when I wanted to pull my hair out due to some of the storylines during the soap’s nine year run.

While Passions had pretty low ratings since the beginning, it was consistently top-rated in the key demographics. I gravitated towards the show because so many of the main characters were young and somewhat relatable. They were going through things that a lof of younger people could relate to and I feel because the show started in ’99, a lot of the audience felt like we were growing up with these characters; in the same way our parents grew up with some of the older soaps.

Who remembers the Ethan/Theresa/Gwen storyline?  This triangle was alive and well since the beginning of the show and lasted until the very last episode. This caused me a lot of frustration as a fan because I simply could not understand what was taking so long. Even though I was very annoyed by this weird and twisted triangle, I still tuned in every day hoping that Theresa and Ethan would finally make it. Hey, what can I say? I am a sucker for star-crossed lovers and Ethan and Theresa definitely fit the bill. While it literally took them the whole show run to finally get together, I am happy that at least we saw it come to fruition.

I also have to acknowledge the Passions theme song, that was my JAM!!


Image via Deadline
Image via Deadline

Erica Kane had to have been the first person I had ever associated with soap operas. Susan Lucci as Erica Kane is an icon, the character is a classic. The most nominated woman in daytime history has certainly deserved all of her accolades and has always been considered by many as “Daytime’s Leading Lady”. I simply cannot mention All My Children without acknowledging her.

One of my mother’s good friends would always be glued to the television at 1pm when All My Children aired. One summer, I remember giving it a try and after that first day I was hooked. It amazed me how Erica could be so loving one minute and vindictive the next. Her children, Kendall and Bianca, were two of the reasons I continued to watch – especially Kendall. Before she mellowed out with Zach, she was very volatile and impulsive. The relationship with her mother was tricky to say the least. When Kendall made her way to Pine Valley, she was a force to be reckoned with.

All My Children knew how to make a good couple, that’s for sure. From Tad and Dixie; Jessie and Angie; Kendall and Zach; Leo and Greenlee; though same may have been shortlived, they always had a way of finding the right match.



Image via ABC/General Hospital

Many of you are not the least surprised at my number one choice. This was the obvious choice for no other reason than this is the home of my favorite super couple EVER: Sonny and Carly Corinthos. (You can read more about my slight obsession with them here.)  General Hospital continuously gives me everything I need and more. I remember being about 10 or so the first time I sat and watched an episodes of ABC’s long running classic. I was intrigued by the characters, slightly disturbed by some of the storylines but enthralled by the pace of the show. Sure, some of the storylines aren’t all that believable but it’s a soap opera, what do you expect? I don’t watch soap operas to clear my conscience, I watch it as the ultimate form of escape. For an hour, five days a week, you are swept up in the nonsense of someone’s else life.

General Hospital has everything I love about soap operas. It is gritty yet romantic; family oriented yet ruthless. It will make you smile with warmth one minute and bawl your eyes out the next. The show has never been afraid to go to places than other soap operas wouldn’t. A prime example is with the character of Robin Scorpio when she found out she was HIV positive at a very young age. I think this storyline started maybe 20 years ago, at a time where daytime television wouldn’t even dare to really broach this topic.

General Hospital also has the rich history. The couples that are made for each other but aren’t together for long; the families that can’t seem to get it right; the enemies that never quite find a way to peacefully co-exist. There are many characters on the show who I grew up with but we all know that the Corinthos clan (including Jason Morgan) is the one who has my heart. Let’s just keep it real for a second here; as long as General Hospital has Sonny Corinthos on the show, I will NEVER stop watching. This show is the only soap opera that I am now recording so even when I am at work, I won’t miss a thing that happens in Port Charles.


Now I know I can’t be the only one – who else loves soap operas just as much as I do? Which show is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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