The Best New Shows of 2015

New year, new shows! With 2015 coming to a close, it’s time for year-end lists. As a self-proclaimed tv enthusiast, I take joy in talking about my favorite new shows. This year won’t be any different. We saw a lot of new shows premiere this year and while there were quite a few misses in my opinion, there were some solid new shows.

So without further ado, here are the best new shows of 2015 (aka my favorites)!



Blindspot reminds me a bit of Blacklist and since that is one of my favorite shows at the moment, Blindspot had a viewer almost immediately. The show has caught its stride recently and is a solid new show. It follows Jane, a mysterious tattooed woman who is left in a bag in the middle of Times Square. She has no memory and has no recollection of her past and identity. The FBI soon discover that each tattoo is directly linked to a crime that they have to solve. Each week we follow the team as they learn more about Jane and the people they are supposed to save or takedown.


Empire was the must-see show of 2015! It was ratings GOLD for Fox and with good reason. Empire provides me with my primetime soap opera fix and for that, I couldn’t be happier. I haven’t been more exasperated with a show since my early General Hospital days. Empire follows the Lyon family as they fight for control of their entertainment empire, known as well, Empire.

The company is important and the music is integral to the show, but the characters’ dynamic is what keeps viewers coming back.

Now, remember I told you all about Empire before it premiered, right? Don’t say I never gave you anything.

I also recapped the entire first season and you can check out those posts here.


While I LOVE Empire, Quantico is definitely the best new show of 2015! Priyanka Chopra is EVERYTHING and she is killing it as Alex Parrish on Quantico. Alex is suspected of committing a huge terrorist attack and flashbacks tell her story along with her fellow recruits at the FBI Academy in Quantico. This show is suspenseful, sensual and downright intriguing. The twists and turns even leave me more stumped and I simply can’t wait for the next week to find out what’s next. I am very curious to see where this story will lead because they are moving at a slightly faster rate than I had expected.


So there you have it, the best new shows of 2015! What shows you did you really like this year, what should I be keeping an eye on?

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