“Selina Kyle” – Gotham Recap

In episode two of FOX’s new drama, Gotham. we learn a bit more about Selina Kyle, find out what the Penguin is up to and get an update on the upcoming crime war.

After Oswald killed that man for his sandwich after emerging from the water in the last episode, he is walking along the road when two young men stop and offer him a ride.  My first thoughts when he jumped in the car, “Penguin, be nice!!”. That plea was a wasted one.  When one of the boys told Oswald he walked like a penguin, he broke a bottle in the car and stabbed one of the men.

Image via @Gotham
Image via @Gotham


On to Penguin’s ex boss, Fish Mooney. I know she’s a villain and on the wrong side of this thing in Gotham but I can’t help it – I love her! I will say it again, Jada Pinkett Smith is doing a kick ass job portraying her. I am still not a fan of the kool-aid colored wig but it works here. Fish is at her establishment when she receives a visit from Carmine Falcone, the head mob boss of Gotham. Falcone informs Fish that Oswald told him that she was trying to make a move on him to become Gotham’s top crime boss. So of course for Fish to survive she has to deny this. Falcone seems to take her at her word but in an attempt to flip the script he asks her about her love life. She says she isn’t seeing anyone but he knows that she must be doing SOMETHING with someone. After she points to a server, Falcone summons him over where he warns him not to break Fish’s heart. Immediately after he has the boy beaten to a pulp. At first I thought well maybe Falcone secretly wants Fish but then I realized he just really wanted to show Fish who’s boss.

Fish is of course very angry but she can’t retaliate against him. She’s pissed at Falcone but even more so at Oswald. She laments that she wishes he weren’t (seemingly) dead so she could make him suffer. If only she knew the truth. I am very interested to see the eventual meeting between these two. We obviously know that Penguin will be around for  a while so I’m guessing that the outcome of that battle will cause harm to Fish. While I am excited to see them finally face off, I am hoping she stays on the show for at least more than the first season.


The case this week involves homeless children being abducted by a couple pretending to be a part of the homeless outreach program.  They are then given a drug and taken to an unknown place. It is revealed that they work for the Dollmaker ( I wonder when we will see more of him). After the abductors seemingly get away, the Mayor plans to find foster homes for the street kids and sends most of them upstate. This turns out to be a terrible idea. The couple returns and hijacks the bus full of street kids. One of the passengers just happened to be Selina Kyle. Who is Selina Kyle? The girl that will become known to the world as Catwoman. Eventually James and his partner, Bullock, are able to find the children and apprehend the couple. At the end of the episode, James meets with Selina, at her request, who informs him that she has been watching his visits with Bruce and can help him with that investigation. She saw who shot the Waynes.


This was a great episode for this new series but left me with a few questions…


What Does Selina Really Know?


Does she know more about the killer than we do? I assumed that she saw the same thing that we did – a masked gunman that didnt really have any standout features. Did she perhaps follow him after he killed the Waynes? Has she seen him before? I am not quite sure how she can really impact the search for the killer.


When Will Everyone Find Out The Truth?


Everyone assumes that James Gordon just go with “the program” after he killed Oswald (aka Penguin). The audience knows that he did not and James isn’t letting anyone know what he did or didn’t do. However, with Penguin waddling around not too far from Gotham, how long will this be able to stay quiet?


Episode 3 is titled “The Balloonman” – here is a preview:

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