Three TV Shows that Need to Return

I have a strict television schedule. With the exception of Fridays and Saturdays; I have one or two shows that I have to watch in the evenings after work. This does not include my pre-recorded daytime shows either.

As much as I love the new shows, I watch reruns just as much. Many days I can be found watching old episodes of Golden Girls and Law & Order. One night as I was watching Numb3rs, I started to think about the shows that have now ended that I wish could be given at least another season or two; for no other reason than for my enjoyment.

So I came up with three tv shows that need to return.



Fox’s House followed Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House. House was a pill popping unconventional medical genius doctor who led a team of diagnosticians at a teaching hospital. I loved that House wasn’t your typical medical drama. We saw diagnoses determined through trial and error. We saw these doctors find a solution when many times we, as well as the patients, thought there was no hope. Dr. House was very flawed, but he was brilliant and deep down, his main focus was always on saving as many lives as he could.

I wasn’t surprised that this show ended after a great run, there’s just a selfish part of me that wishes we could see House solve just one or two more cases.

CSI: Miami

Out of all the CSI shows that needed to be cancelled, CSI: Miami should have been the very last.

CSI: Miami followed a group of detectives assigned to the Miami PD’s CSI unit and gave us a solid character driven drama. It simply didn’t get any better than Horatio, Eric and Alex. Horatio was the only lead from the CSI shows that I could connect to and the show being based in Miami didn’t hurt much either.

Horatio led the team and wasn’t afraid to cross certain boundaries in order to get justice for his victims and to protect his team. I absolutely loved when he would take off his sunglasses, say an infamous one-liner, and then put them back on right before the opening credits. Sure it was a little corny but it signature Horatio Caine.

While I do understand that the show had run its course, (mainly when it got switched to Sundays and the show time got pushed back due to football), I felt like we needed at least one more season to properly close out the series. A few loose ends needed to be tied up and I wanted Horatio to get some sliver of happiness before the sun set for good on this show.


You all should not be surprised that this is number one on my list. WB’s Charmed was even number one when I listed my five favorite shows. I still don’t understand why this show was cancelled. I mean, of course, I get it, but in my mind there was no reason it had to end. The Halliwell sisters were just everything to me when I was younger; Piper, Phoebe, and Paige (and Prue) just kicked serious ass! For those who don’t remember, Charmed followed three sisters, known as The Charmed Ones, the most powerful good witches of all time. They were destined to protect lives from evil as they navigated their personal lives living in San Francisco.

TNT plays reruns at 7 and 8 am every weekday and I have no shame in admitting that I still watch the shows as I get ready for work. I can probably recite just about every episode word for word. Don’t judge me.

I honestly feel like Charmed could return now by letting us see how the next generation is fighting off evil. Are they even more powerful than their parents? What new enemies are out there?

I think it can work and I wouldn’t mind one bit if I hear about it. What I DO NOT want is a reboot of this show. Too many networks are messing up good television with reboots. No one can replace the Halliwell sisters so I hope they don’t even try. Now a follow-up movie with the three sisters reprising their roles? I’ll take that.

I know I can’t be the only one, so what about you? Are there any shows that you feel need to return, if only for one episode?

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