Scandal: Randy, Red, Superfreak and Julia

You have no idea how happy I am that Scandal is back!!  My Thursday nights have gotten interesting again (which says a bit about my personal life but I digress). Randy, Red, Superfreak and Julia premiered at its new time, 9pm, and it did not disappoint.

For all the children in the back, here is the cliff notes version of what happened last season:

  • Harrison is dead. I have already mentioned that but let me just reiterate again. Papa Pope killed him after he found out the truth about Rowan and started to put all of the pieces together.
  • The truth? Rowan had the First Son, Jerry, killed.
  • Fitz finally found out that his father raped Mellie years ago which caused the initial divide in their marriage.
  • Quinn and Huck had some relations…. which I am still not comfortable talking about because I’m not here for that. Let’s just leave it at that.
  • Olivia thought that going away would solve all her problems so she and Jake took off to parts unknown. You all know how I feel about that. It is #TeamOlitz over here. Every damn day.

Ok, enough about that. Let’s talk about this season premiere!


Jake & Olivia: These two are relaxing on an island off the coast of Zanzibar. Olivia has her curly hair and is fierce in a one piece swimsuit with Jake putting it on her anytime he feels like it. They are good and happy until Olivia (who is going by the name of Julia Baker) received mail alerting her of Harrison’s death. This causes her return to DC, where she and Jake tell themselves that it will only be for a few days, simply to attend the funeral.

Olivia prances her way to back to her office to find out that nothing was the same (shout out to Drake)!

An update on the OPA team:

Quinn proves that she is good for something besides being a pain in my backside. She is the one who actually tracked Olivia down which proved that Huck’s teaching didn’t go to waste.Speaking of Huck, he is now “Randy” where he works as tech support in an electronics store. He does not want to see Olivia until she is back for good, which she was not willing to admit at first.

Abby has become a mini Olivia Pope. She is working for the White House and allow me to use an old school term,  thinks she is an all that and a bag of chips. Honestly, they don’t really hold her in high regard. Exhibit A: No one actually calling her by her name. Exhibit B: She was not consulted or even aware that they wanted to make David the Attorney General.

Olivia comes to see her and she tried to put on her big girl panties. That didn’t work out in her favor. Liv had to bring her down a peg and remind her who really runs things. I understand that Abby is really hurt over Liv leaving and Harrison’s death but she needs to watch her damn tone!


Mellie & Fitz: Mellie is GOING THROUGH IT. Everyone knows I have a love/hate relationship with Mellie but she can’t take anymore. My girl isn’t taking a bath, doesn’t look like she’s put on a fierce red suit in a minute and is drinking alcohol like it really is iced tea. Fitz is currently committed to helping her but he is struggling with his own demons. WE FOUND OUT THAT FITZ TRIED TO KILL HIMSELF. My boy tried to commit suicide and I don’t know where to put myself. They are both in a world of hurt and honestly they can’t help each other.


As we wound down this episode, Jake was ready to board the plane and go back to the island after the funeral. He quickly realized that wasn’t going to happen. “Are we Gladiators or are we bitches?” is what Liv says in her defense of not leaving, citing a famous Harrison line.

During the final scenes, Fitz nominates David for Attorney General.  At the same time, Liv is back, in her signature white, speaking to press on behalf of her client. Oh, did I forget to mention that Liv had a case this week? Which I believe is the sign of going back to solving other people’s problems which, I for one, am happy to see come back!

Anyway, the most important thing for me was Olivia and Fitz finally seeing each other. I waited the whole dang episode! They crossed paths at the very end but imagine my feelings when they didn’t look each other in the eye for long or even touch? It looked like they had put their hands out but nothing happened! WHERE WAS MY #ONEMINUTE SCENE?!!!! However, based on the looks from both of them, it was clear that the effort was indeed made so I will continue to hold out hope.

In the end, what have we learned? OPA team will be back together in short order, we’re only waiting on Abby to leave the White House which I am sure will happen soon. Jake made it a lot harder for #teamolitz fans to stay on board, did you peep that scene with them in bed?! (don’t give up guys! You know we will be back soon!).


This recap may be all over the place but so are my feelings! You all will just have to deal!


P.S. I need more wine!

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