Empire: Out, Damned Spot

So after watching last night’s episode of Empire, I’m going to need Fox to work out something similar to what Netflix does with its original programming. I need all episodes at once. Empire is a show that needs to be binge watched. I can’t handle this waiting a week thing. It’s not working for me anymore.

Anyway, let’s just get into the latest episode of what is fast becoming my favorite soap opera. (General hospital has stiff competition).

The episode starts with Cookie presumably getting ready for dinner with Lucious. After countless outfit changes, we see her arrive to the club to meet him. It is important to note that Cookie is still feeling some kind of a way after finding out he was the one who sent that rose. There’s a huge part of her that was happy about that and thinks that something can happen as a result. So to make a long story short, she arrives at the club to find out that she’s not having dinner with just Lucious but rather the whole family. Lucious has invited everyone to inform them of his engagement to Anika. Now you know Cookie was not happy about that. After saying her piece, she goes to walk out but opens up her coat to show everyone that the lingerie she had on underneath.


She was ready to give Lucious a piece…. Of chicken with the mashed potato, extra gravy and a biscuit.

Speaking of Lucious, while at home one morning he spies the detective going through his trash. This leads him to admit Vernon that he did kill Bunkie.

So what does Vernon do? Apparently what he always does: fix Lucious’s problems. After briefly contemplating quitting after speaking with his sobriety coach, he finds someone to take the fall for the murder. At the end of the episode, we see Lucious express his gratitude and ask how he can repay Vernon.

Wrong question, Lucious. Do you even really want to know the answer to that?

Firstly, I don’t know why you would even tell Vernon  that you did it. I understand that’s been your right hand cover man for years but goddamnit! You know this is going to come back and haunt you. It just will!

Secondly, we find out that Vernon and Andre have been working together to what I presume is to ultimately take over Empire. It’s pretty obvious that Lucious has no idea that his son is in cahoots with his best friend.

And thirdly, more people are starting to find out what Lucious did. How long before the news reaches Cookie? How will she react?

But since we were discussing the Lyon’s children, let’s talk about Jamal. Jamal’s song is becoming a hit and his star is really about to rise. Naturally, his boyfriend feels that changes are about to happen as he is already feeling it. He goes to Cookie for advice and she being the person that she is, holds nothing back. She tells him to make sure that he has something to occupy his time and for himself because he will be seeing less and less of Jamal as he starts to get more successful. Success and fame changes people, she tells him.

Jamal initially does not like that Cookie would say these things and makes an effort to assure his boyfriend that this won’t change. Those turn out to be false promises fairly quickly. A previously scheduled weekend getaway is cancelled when Jamal has a satellite radio with none other than Sway!

While at the show, he premieres a brand new song which is sure to be another hit. After the performance, he has a brief interview which is when things go a little awry. Sway asks him about the girl in his life and after a brief hesitation, he says there is no one special in his life as he doesn’t have a girlfriend. His boyfriend (what is his name?!) becomes highly upset and shuts off the laptop where he was watching the show.

I don’t think he should be that upset, to be honest. Sway asked Jamal if there was a special girl in his life. By asking that, Jamal didn’t lie.

Trouble is brewing in paradise. But if you think that’s all, ha! This is just the tip of the iceberg.

On to the baby of the family. Hakeem still feels a certain way after finding out that Tiana had a girlfriend. Mind you: he has a side chick too. Remember Camila? Anyway after feeling rejected by his brother and upset with both Tiana and his mother, he makes a very controversial song towards women. And while the beat is hard and may be good as a club anthem, the lyrics are worrisome as it’s obvious he has a distaste for certain women.

Anika and Lucious are playing the song in Empire’s conference room when Cookie and Jamal happen upon them. Jamal warns against the song because of the content while we can see that Cookie is slightly saddened. She tells Hakeem that she hopes when he becomes a star that he lets go of the childish anger. His response? He’s already a star.


I would have slapped the taste out of his mouth.

On that note all five of them proceed to walk out of the building with Andre  and his wife following behind. It is when they are about to pass the new security stop that they see a young lady trying to get through. Jamal is the one that ultimately stops to speak with her. She has a little girl with her who she says loves Jamal’s songs. She even encourages the little girl to sing a few lines. After that moment, Olivia tells Jamal that she wanted her daughter to meet her father.

Her father as in him. Him as in Jamal. Translation: the little girl is supposed to be Jamal’s daughter!

How, Sway? How?!



Well I know how you make a baby so don’t answer that. You all know damn well what I mean!

First things first, Jamal needs to make his way down to the local CVS or Walgreens and get an at home DNA test. He needs to find out ASAP. After the results from that then go to get a blood test with a physician just to make sure. Honestly though, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is his child though I think it may just be a scare tactic since he’s about to blow up.

Let’s all just gather around for a moment and talk about the fact that his potential baby mama’s name is Olivia. Pope? Nah. What was the name of Raven’s character on The Cosby Show? You got it. Olivia! That dang Lee Daniels and Danny Strong think that they’re slick – they know what they’re doing, that’s for sure.

Elsewhere in the episode:

Anika is going to try to take Cookie’s assistant away from her.

Courtney Love guest starred on tonight’s episode. She played Empire’s cornerstone artist who unfortunately hasn’t made a hit or sold a record in five years. Anika is about to drop her from the label until Cookie steps in wanting to manager her. Cookie is a huge fan because as she recalls, Elle Dallas (Courtney Love’s character) was the only thing that kept her going while in prison. Elle is initially reluctant but Cookie ultimately gets through to her. She made it known that for both of them, it’s do or die.


Cookie sure does love some chocolate. I wouldn’t be surprised if she and the new head of security, Malcolm, have a little something. Well this is after she and Lucious have a little rendezvous of course.

Oh and another thing! One small rant before I end this: I really, really wish Hakeem would grow his eyebrows out and do something else with his hair. He is out here like he’s auditioning to be a part of Bell Biv Devoe.


Did you all see the previews for next week’s episode?! Man let me tell you! Empire is bringing the heat! It’s about to be so good, I can’t stand it.

I think I’m going to start needing wine on Wednesdays as well.

**I have no idea who made that Kanye meme. If anyone does, please let me know so I can give proper credit. That was GENIUS!!

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