Marie’s 2015 Summer Show Guide

Summer TV shows. Before, that used to mean reruns of your favorite fall shows or network throwaways. Not anymore. Gone are the days when networks seem to leave us high and dry during the summer months.

Over the past few years, at least in my opinion, the quality in summer shows has dramatically improved. TV networks have had some pretty great programming to offer as of late  and the days of dreading summer shows are over.

Narrowing down this list was a bit harder than expected but here are the TV shows that will be on my radar this summer:


Starz – June 6th at 9pm

This is definitely the show I am most excited about. Power was one of the first shows I discussed on this blog and it did not disappoint. (You can refresh your memory here). Last season ended with a bang and I am excited to see what Ghost, Tasha and the rest of the crew  will cope with what is about to be thrown their way.

Murder In The First

TNT – June 8th at 10pm

I caught  a couple of episodes of this last summer when it premiered, mainly because it starred Taye Diggs, and it was pretty good.

Rizzoli & Isles

TNT – June 16th at 9pm

Everyone knows how much I love TNT and Rizzoli & Isles is one of the best original shows that they have. Though this show has more comedic undertones, I haven’t liked a TNT show like this since The Closer.


TNT  – June 16th at 10pm

Speaking of The Closer, The Proof is the latest offering by TNT and is produced by Kyra Sedgwick, who I absolutely adored as Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson on The Closer.

Per TNT:  “Jennifer Beals plays Dr. Carolyn Tyler, who has suffered the recent, devastating loss of her teenage son, the breakup of her marriage and a growing estrangement from her daughter. Carolyn is persuaded by Ivan Turing (Modine), a cancer-stricken tech inventor and billionaire to investigate cases of reincarnation, near-death experiences, hauntings and other phenomena, all of it in the search for evidence that death is not the end.”

The Astronaut Wives Club

ABC June 18th at 8pm

Get to the know the first ladies of space with ABC’s The Astronauts Wives Club. I am really excited about this show, I first saw the commercial for this a couple of weeks ago during my TGIT viewings and was intrigued by the story line. The premise is promising; it follows a group of women who supported their husbands during the 1960s space race. It looks like we will see just the effect this time in history had on the women who had to be the backbone and support for the men who made it. I love period pieces and I hope this show lives up to its promise.


The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe

Lifetime – May 30th at 9pm

Now I haven’t really watched Lifetime since Army Wives but I will tuning in to this two night mini-series event. Granted we probably don’t need another Marilyn Monroe story right now. There have been many portrayals of the star before including Michelle Williams’ portrayal that earned her an Oscar nomination but this looks promising. Susan Sarandon plays Marilyn’s Monroe mother and Kelli Garner plays the star. Something tells me that this Lifetime mini series will provide a certain appeal that we may not have a choice but to watch.

Honorable Mention

Extant on CBS July 1st at 9pm

Survivor’s Remorse on Starz – August 22nd at 9:30pm

Royal Pains on USA Network – June 2nd at 10 pm


There it is! My guide to all the must watch summer shows. Do you feel like I missed any? Drop a comment below and let me know what shows need to be on my radar.

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