The Best New Shows of 2014

Now we all know I am willing to check out all new shows at least once. I have even highlighted shows that I was interested in through my On The List series. I have checked out all of them except one (Empire doesn’t premiere until next week,  I will review that once it has aired) and some other ones along the way. Using the “Natalya” method (I haven’t figured out the best way to explain my algorithm but when I do, I will share), here are the best new shows that premiered in 2014.


4. Gotham (FOX)

Though I have slacked on my reviews for this show, I have still been keeping up with the on goings in the city of Gotham. Jada Pinkett Smith is great in the role of Fish Mooney and while I initially thought they introduced too many villains rather quickly, it has now found a comfortable stride.

3. Power (STARZ)

For all the reasons that I had mentioned in an earlier post highlighting this show, I am very intrigued by the double life that James St. Patrick lives. Renewed for a second season that should start early next year, this gritty drama is a must see for me.

2. Scorpion (CBS)

CBS’s Scorpion is like Big Bang Theory meets CSI and I love it! These geeky characters won me over with their off kilter approach to their cases and human interactions. And while I am not a fan of the potential blossoming romantic relationship between Paige and Walter (I think it was done too early), this group of geniuses has a loyal viewer over here!

1. How To Get Away With Murder (ABC)

This is without a doubt the best new show of the year. Viola Davis BODIES the role of Annalise Keating and with the nuanced, multidimensional characters that we can have come to expect from ShondaLand, How To Get Away With Murder was the winner of 2014. Let’s not even discuss the cliffhanger from the winter finale! While the actual killer wasn’t surprising to me, the way they weaved that last episode together was just fantastic! I had toyed with the idea with recapping this show but honestly with Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal airing beforehand, my brain is fried by 11pm and this gladiator wouldn’t be able to do it justice. I will revisit the idea again for Season 2 (because we all know it will be renewed!).


There you have it, let me know if you agree with my choices or if there are any shows that I left out!

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