Grey’s Anatomy: I Must Have Lost it on The Wind

TGIT!  ShondaLand’s Thursday Takeover has officially begun.

First on the list is Grey’s Anatomy! Let’s talk about how this season premiere went down.

I really wanted to know if we would feel the loss of Christina in this episode and I did. Owen is missing Christina which causes April to urge the guys to ask him to hang out, this just makes for a few awkward conversations.

I knew Meredith would be the most affected. She drove over to Alex’s house, kicked Jo out of the bed, and proceeded to unload to Alex. He will become that go-to person that she will definitely need going forward.

Let’s talk about Maggie.

She was just too dang star struck over Meredith this episode. They’re on the roof, in the middle of a windstorm, waiting for a helicopter and she is trying to make conversation. Meredith spends most of the episode blowing Maggie off, hence the episode title, and after a while Maggie stops trying to play nice and tells Richard that she doesn’t need to add any “random unwanted blood relatives to my life.” This of course wounds Richard who just happens to be her father.

Honestly, I am not a fan of Maggie. I don’t like her, she was trying to do too much and just made me annoyed. I understand her initially wanting a connection but I’m not here for it… yet.

There were a couple times during this episode where I just wanted to tell her:

(Don’t ask me why, I’m petty at times).

In the matter of Meredith and Derek: Derek offers his wife a solution that he thinks she will see as great news. He resigned his position with the president to stay in Seattle with her and the kids. She does not have the reaction he was expecting and doesn’t seem all that pleased by it. She seems pissed, though we won’t really know why and to what extant for another couple episodes I presume.  It is also ironic that both her and Maggie seem to believe that Tequila is a great solution to their problems.


Elsewhere: Amelia finds out about Richard having a daughter when they attend the same AA meeting. I wonder who will be the first to spill the beans.

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