New Time, New Grey: What We Need To Know For Season 11 of Grey’s Anatomy

I have been a Grey’s Anatomy fan since it first premiered in 2005 but I didn’t understand what a groundbreaking drama it was until maybe its 3rd season.

I am a fan for so many reasons: Shonda Rhimes is the creator and as you have probably figured out, I am a major fan (STAN is probably more like it but I digress).  The ensemble cast is magnificent and somehow I found myself invested in each character, whether I liked them or not.

There is less than a month until the season 11 premiere and I have highlighted three things that you need to know:

1. Christina is gone and I am sad. She has left for Zurich and taken Shane with her. This was definitely a bigger loss for me than any other we have endured as fans of this show. George, Mark and Lexie died and we know Izzie is never coming back but there was just something different about Christina leaving. Meredith and Christina’s relationship has always been the center of this show. Like Shonda Rhimes said, Grey’s Anatomy has never been about a boy. It has always been about these two best friends.

Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look back at their journey:


Here’s a tissue, you know you need one.  To rub it in a little more, here is Christina and Meredith’s final dance:


2. There is another Grey – well Webber/Grey but you get the picture. Dr. Webber and Ellis Grey had a love child and she is the new head of Cardio. This is going to be make for a very interesting dynamic this season. The loss of Lexie is still fresh and I do not think Meredith is going to be willing to accept another sister into her life so easily. In a way, she might even feel cheated and as if her whole childhood was a lie.

Meredith is already dealing with a lot: torn between moving to DC with Derek or not, which she finally decided she didn’t want to do at the end of the season finale (thanks to Christina) and now this?

Image via @GreysABC
Image via @GreysABC

This is going to be way too much especially without her sounding board, Christina, being there for her.  Her marriage potentially in shambles, a new sister and no Christina? I expect we will see another side of her this season. Shonda Rhimes has also confirmed that this will be a “Meredith – centric” season so we are guaranteed for a wild ride – though at this point we expect nothing less.



Image via @GreysABC


3. Grey’s Anatomy is on the move and will now air at 8pm. I repeat: Grey’s Anatomy will now air at 8pm. I stated this in an earlier post but I must repeat it as much as possible. Be in front of your television at 7:55pm to ensure that you do not miss a thing!


Image via @GreysABC
Image via @GreysABC


Grey’s Anatomy returns on Thursday, September 26th at 8pm on ABC.


P.S. Ummm where is my “person”?

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