Scandal Recap: It’s Good To Be Kink

Scandal returned to its glory, in my opinion, last night which I am happy to see. What do I mean by that? We’re back to solving cases!

Lena Durham guest starred as Sue, a woman who has written a shocking tell all about many of Washington’s power players and the things they love to do behind closed doors.  Olivia is tasked with making sure that this book never sees the light of day. Reason being, one of Sue’s partners a.k.a The Dustbuster, is Leo Berger – Abby’s boyfriend. If this gets out, Abby will loose all of her credibility and the power that she is now gaining in her position as Press Secretary.

Side note: I looked up the meaning of Dustbuster and thanks to Google, there are some things that I didn’t need to know!

Sorry, got sidetracked – back to the story line.

Olivia went to Sue’s house and threatened to bring her down if she publishes this book, in classic Olivia Pope fashion. However, Liv underestimated her big time. She thought that would be the end of it but she was wrong. Sue went to her office asking for $3 million in exchange for her not writing the book. This leads to one of Scandal’s epic reads, which we’ve been missing a bit since Papa Pope is out fishing and Olivia has been going through a few things. However, the take-down doesn’t happen courtesy of Olivia but rather Sue. Suzanne (her real name) is disappointed that Liv’s defense of her not publishing the book is because people may call her a whore.

scandal - good to be kink

Sue gave Olivia a major side eye and proceeded to let her have it, calling her a prude. She told Olivia Carolyn Pope that she is not living up to her badass reputation. “You’re telling me to be afraid of what names someone is going to call me because I had the audacity to have too much great sex … What happened to you?” 

Well, hell. For good times’ sake, let’s watch that scene again:

Olivia had to pick her mouth up off the floor quick and probably had several seats after that. In all honesty, Sue didn’t tell ONE lie.

Anyway after this, the OPA team got to work. They had to identify the players in the book to really find out what they were up against and to decide if the money would be paid. They were able to get their hands on the book after Huck snuck into Sue’s place and finds it in her sex toy chest. There are 17 chapters, each representing a different man. They know one’s identity (Leo) but they need to find out who the others are, and let me just say that I screamed as they called these names.  I mean BUTTERFINGER. RAWHIDE. MOTORHEAD. JOYSTICK.

Whew! The things these people did.

Anyway,  they were able to find each person using the clues in the book but had a little trouble finding The Doctor until Abby came in and realized that it was David Rosen. Abby’s taste in men has to be brought up for debate now. We can look at it two ways; she doesn’t have good taste or she’s really making some GOOD choices in the bedroom. All about how you want to see it.

When Olivia gets all of the men in the office, she asks them to come up with $175,000 each to pay Sue off. With the exception of Leo, they all balk. They refuse to pony up the money which I think is pretty presumptuous of them. They know if this books gets published, it will ruin their careers. I don’t see why there was even hesitation. Well Mr. White Hat spoke up, mainly because he can’t come up with that type of money, and tells everyone that accepting the blackmail and paying is basically illegal. I just need David to go ahead and have several seats at this point.

Meanwhile, let’s talk about how Huck is adamant that he gets immunity from David for testifying against B613. He is almost desperate and while Huck can go off the rails, he’s never really desperate. At least not how he is right now. This is very confusing for me in a way because I would think of all people, Huck should know that the government can’t protect him from B613. Learning that the person who could help him with this (David) may lose his job because of this book fiasco does not sit well with Huck at all.

Anyway, Olivia eventually figures out that the point of Sue’s book isn’t to destroy the men as we originally thought. She is really only upset with one man, her previous boss, who heard that she was a little frisky in bed and assumed that he would sleep with him. She refused and as a result, he pinned her down and taunted her. She reported him to the HR department but two weeks later, she got fired. Liv brought in an attorney who recorded all of this and will help Sue. Liv tells her that her testimony will get her old boss fired and sued. She also helps Sue get a few job interviews/offers, including one with the Washington Post to write a column. Sue agrees not to publish the book and that should be the end of it, right?



Later, Huck and Quinn make their way to Sue’s apartment just in time to see one of the men in the book holding a knife to her. They get him to drop it but as soon as he leaves, Huck turns around and slashes Sue’s neck, killing her instantly.

Yes, you read that correctly. Huck just turned around and sliced that damn girl.

When Quinn yells at him, he said he had to do it. Sue was going to talk again soon and he couldn’t have her messing up the investigation and stopping him from being with his family.

I also think its very important for us to remember a scene with Jake and Huck from earlier this season. The one where Huck basically went to town on all of those men when they were trying to get Olivia back. Remember he told Jake that Olivia was the person who kept his monster at bay? I think it’s pretty safe to assume that it is no longer the case. The monster has been set free and is now roaming about and I don’t think there’s anyone that can tame it now. Huck will have to do that for himself. One thing for certain, I think Huck will get a lot worse before he gets better.


Also from this episode:

  • Mellie is going to run for Senator of West Virginia. The same senate seat that was just vacated as a result of the new Vice President. Lizzie Bear is going to help her and be her campaign manager for a number of reasons but mainly because she is “tired of being Cyrus’ bitch.”
  • Olivia took home a man! I don’t know if I can say she’s getting her groove back because I don’t think she is in that department. She is still decked out in all black most of the time, drinking copious amounts of wine and carries a gun around at all times even in the house. BUT she went out, picked up a guy and brought him home. This is the first man we’ve seen her with outside of Fitz and Jake since this show started. Well there was the Senator who she was once engaged to that came back into the picture but I don’t count that. #DontJudgeMe.  But I just have to ask this question: why the hell did Liv bring this man back to her apartment?! She has enough money for a hotel. Shucks, she could have made him spring for the hotel. I’m going to need Olivia to stop having so many people over to her place. It’s already obvious that everybody has a key and her security is trash.
  • Speaking of Jake and Fitz, these two are basically bosom buddies again as they commiserate over their love of Olivia and Fitz seemingly gets daily updates from Jake on Olivia’s progress. Looks like once again, Fitz has hired Jake to spy on Olivia.


This episode of Scandal was part 50 Shades of Grey, part Karrine Steffans tell all and a sprinkle of How Stella Got her Groove Back.

P.S. I am fully aware that this post is going up on a Saturday when Scandal aired on Thursday. I had only the best intentions but isn’t better late than never?

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