Review: Embrace My Heart by Altonya Washington

Embrace My Heart by AlTonya Washington
Published by Kimani Press on February 17th 2015
Genres: African American, Contemporary, Fiction, Romance
Pages: 224
Format: eBook
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Is she ready to trust again? All of the delights and none of the drama—that's what heiress and gallery owner Vectra Bauer wants from her fling with Qasim Wilder. The gorgeous financial adviser has been Vectra's platonic friend, but now, after the end of her last painful relationship, she's ready to take a small risk and open her heart. Settling for a little of anything isn't Sim's ideal. Possessive by nature, he makes no secret of how much he wants Vectra. And he can't understand why she's hiding from their intense connection that's way more than just physical. The man who always gets what he wants is embracing his biggest challenge yet: to make the woman he adores believe in love once more…

Now as I mentioned last month, I love Altonya Washington’s work. The Ramsey series is by far one of my top five and ever since I discovered that, I read everything that Ms. Washinton put outs. This is why it pains to me say that her latest offering, Embrace My Heart, let much to be desired for me.

It was good but it wasn’t great. It was hot but it didn’t really have a lot of fire. Something about it just didn’t push me over the edge. I was there, waiting, to let go and nothing happened. It seemed a bit rushed to be honest and I found a few errors in the book as well which I think was what really threw me off. It could have done with a better editing job. I was looking for a bit more with the storyline. Usually with her work, we are given a full history of the characters so we have a better sense of why they are who they are now. This didn’t happen here. What about Qasim’s time in the army? What really happened growing up in the foster homes? Did he ever try to find his mother or see if he had any other siblings? Qasim showed emotion alright but it was either anger or passion, nothing in between.

And what about Vectra? This is a grown woman who feels that she and Qasim have to sneak around because she doesn’t want her staff to know what is going on with them. Granted, given her past (which I won’t spoil), her father and brother at least have validity in their concern, but the rest of them?

Though this book was not my favorite, it won’t stop me from reading her future work – in the end though, Embrace My Heart was simply just okay.


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