‘Power’ Recap: Consequences

So I contemplated whether or not I should recap Starz’s show, Power. I initially said no and just wanted to enjoy it as a fan but after the season 2 premiere I decided that I had to.

Power came out of the gate swinging for season 2  and I am here for all of it.

For those of you who haven’t watched the first season, I suggest you rectify that situation right now and watch it ASAP. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Ghost isn’t dead, sorry Kanan

Last season we learned that Kanan (50 Cent) was behind all of the attacks. He tasked “pink sneakers” with taking out Ghost before he was released from jail. We saw that he had his son, Shawn, pick up from prison because he didn’t want Ghost and Tommy to know he was out early. Major plans were set but “pink sneakers” messed up. Much to Kanan’s annoyance, she didn’t kill Ghost but accidentally hit Holly instead. This did not please Kanan and we saw him making his rounds to find the girl and to let his partner, Dre, know about the change in plans. Shawn has been tasked with taking his father to all of these places. We even see Shawn a bit disturbed when he sees just how cruel Kanan can be. This brings us to a very important question: who’s side is Shawn on? Kanan is his father so of course there is an obligation there but he seems to genuinely like and respect Ghost as well. We see Shawn question why his father didn’t want Ghost and Tommy to know he was out. Kanan even gives Shawn a gun which he is hesitant to take. He explains that Ghost doesn’t like having guns in the car just in case they get pulled over. His father replies by saying, “Whatever Ghost don’t know won’t hurt him.”

Kanan is using Shawn and he doesn’t even know it. Like he told Dre, Shawn is his inside man. Unbeknownst to Shawn, Kanan will use him for information until he is ready to make his next move. As much as I hate to say it, Shawn is so damn ditsy that he won’t catch on until it is way too late.


As expected, Truth has been shut down momentarily because of the shooting. Ghost is not happy about this and works frantically to get the club reopened. Truth is his baby and his way to a new life as he sees it but most importantly as he had to explain to Tasha, the club washes five times the amount of money in a night than their wash and folds do in one week. It is needed for both sides of their business. After hearing about the shooting, Simon Stern offers to help him reopen the club. There is a catch, he wants him to reconsider his offer. Ghost still has no interest in selling the club, even for six million dollars. Simon still manages to one up him though. After Ghost was able to win a hearing to reopen the club, he finds out that his new landlord won’t sign off on the papers – that’s because his new landlord is Simon Stern. Now he can reopen Truth if he really wants to, but it will be under Simon’s rules – something we know Ghost is not happy about.

New Boss

Angela’s informant, Nomar, has been murdered and as her supervisor tells her – there will be consequences. The first act comes in the form of a new boss. There is a new agent in town played by David Fumero (who I loved as Cristian in One Life to Live) who takes over the Lobos case. Angela is replaced as lead with Cooper. However, that’s not even the worse of it. Her new supervisor has taken her completely off the case and is assigned to “white collar” crimes.

Tasha’s demand

Ghost can’t find Tommy and begins to panic. There is a lot going on and with their promise to Lobos that they would distribute double the merchandise, he needs Tommy. There is a real possibility in Ghost’s mind in the beginning of the episode that his best friend could be dead. Tasha comes to the rescue. She steps up and volunteers to help her husband just like she did in the old days. She gives him some advice in terms of distribution and reiterates that she is there to help him. She makes one demand though – he has to stop seeing Angela.

Ghost didn’t know where to put himself.  He was like:

Did he really think that Tasha wouldn’t know about his little affair?! I think what really shocked him was that Tasha knew her name.

He says okay and later on tells her that he handled it. We all know that’s a lie though. He didn’t handle a goddamn thing! We see Ghost and Angela hook up this episode. However, he does tell Angela that his situation changed and he can’t go through with the divorce from Tasha right now. He cites the shooting at the club and his financial situation being a little tight now as a result. I don’t know how that means he handled the situation but okay Ghost.

The Truth

Speaking of Angela, after Tommy finds out that she is a federal prosecutor he goes to her apartment with the intent to kill her. Upon finding Ghost’s luggage for the Miami trip there he assumes the worst. He believes that Ghost is working with Angela and that they are setting him up to take the fall for the drugs. He goes on the run, not knowing Holly was serious injured, and that is why everyone was so worried about his whereabouts and assumed the worst for a minute.

We meet Tommy’s mother as that is where he goes as he tries to avoid Ghost and get his head together. I don’t know how exactly he planned to think straight with him and his mother doing coke but okay. Ghost hunts him down though and Tommy pulls a gun on him when he enters the house. He accuses him of trying to frame him to take the fall for the drug business. Ghost has no idea what he is talking about.

As Tommy screams at him, he tells Ghost that Angela is a federal prosecutor. As he brings the gun closer to Ghost and looks him in his eye, he realizes that Ghost had no idea what Angela really did for a living.  She told him that she was a lawyer that worked for the government, “What kind of lawyers do you think work for the government?” Tommy yells.

I always said Ghost was a bit too naive when it came to Angela. He didn’t ask any questions about her work, hell he didn’t even ask about her family. She came back in his life and he lost all of his common sense. For someone as smart as him, as soon as she said she worked for the government he should have investigated her. At the very least, google her!

Tommy being Tommy, he wants to kill Angela right away. He believes that she had this affair with Ghost to collect evidence about their organization and take them down. Ghost, however, wants to think first which doesn’t sit right with Tommy at all. Ghost was able to buy a little time though when he tells Tommy that Holly was shot.

At the end of the episode, armed with a gun, Ghost shows up at Angela’s apartment. Oblivious to his mood, she is happy to see him and offers him food. He accepts and goes to sit in her living room. As he waits on his food, he asks her a question: “So baby, how was work?”

Starz is playing with my emotions. I need to know what she said ASAP. I’m not naive to think that he is going to kill her right there in the apartment but damnit a part of me hoped he would’ve pulled the gun right then and demanded answers. He can’t tip his hand though. He has to find out exactly what she knows before he can make any substantial moves. For that reason alone, I know he isn’t going to kill her anytime soon. Well that and his simple ass is in love with her. I am interested to see how their dynamic will change going forward.

P.S. Keep your hands off of Julio, he’s mine!!

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