The ‘Classic’ Five: My Favorite Television Shows (that are no longer on air)

At any given time, I have about 55 television shows that I have to juggle. I love television and I joke with my friends that if I had to choose between television and the internet then I will be saying goodbye to my ‘net. Obviously that can’t happen now because of this wonderful blog but still, if choices had to be made, then… I can’t be responsible for my actions.

While I do watch a lot of television, I am selective about my programming, it really does have to be good to keep me interested. As I was watching an episode of I Love Lucy this weekend, I started to think back to some of the older shows. You know those shows that have stood the test of time? The ones that no matter how many times you see an episode, you will still sit down and watch? Those are the classics and I wanted to share my top five with you.

Since the term ‘classic’ is relative, these are my favorite television shows that have been off the air for at least 10 years. Remember, these are what I consider to be MY favorite classic shows.


To this day, everyone still bops their head when the beat drops to this theme song.  The show starred Will Smith as a teenager from West Philadelphia who is sent to live with his wealthy aunt and uncle in Bel-Air after getting into a fight on a basketball court. Given what he was used to, Will’s lifestyle often clashed with that of his family. I wasn’t really around during the height of The Cosby Show. This was probably the earliest that I really recall seeing a happy, functional black family on television every week. I know some of you find that statement blasphemous but for me, it rings true. Yes, the show had a light tone to it but I saw love, pain, teenage angst and everything in between portrayed well on screen with people who looked like me and I loved it.


Sister, Sister starred twins, Tia and Tamera Mowry. Its premise was that the girls were separated and adopted at birth. Tia was adopted by a single mother while Tamera was adopted by a seemingly well off single father. The two accidentally found each other fourteen years later and were reunited. What followed was all four of them living under one roof as they became a family. We followed these girls through high school and college as they grew up, navigated their new relationship and learned how to become sisters as they became well-adjusted women.

I bought the DVD’s off of Amazon a couple years ago but can’t find them now. I may need to reorder them just to keep as a part of my collection. Maybe I can petition for Hulu or Netflix to add this to their options. I know there are a few of us who would greatly appreciate it.


“She was working at a bridal shop in Flushing Queens until her boyfriend kicked her out in one of those crushing scenes.”

MY FAVORITE THEME SONG EVER. I absolutely love this theme song. Whenever I hear it, I may or may not break into my Carlton dance. I loved The Nanny, still, do. Fran Drescher was simply everything as Fran Fine. And Nigel? That damn Nigel was a hoot and I loved every minute of it.  Throw in Mr. Sheffield and the kids, Fran’s constantly eating mother, Grandma Yetty and the sometimes unbearable C.C; The Nanny provided fantastic comic relief. And if the story lines didn’t get you, the outrageous fashions that Fran squeezed herself into on a daily basis sure did.


No classic television list is complete without mention of the Golden Girls. Whenever I flip through my channels and this show pops up on Hallmark Channel or WeTV, I watch it. As I’m typing up this post, an old episode is playing in the background. Sophia was my favorite character on the show. Her wit, snark and Italian charm make my day every time. Whenever she started a sentence with, “Picture it… Sicily.” I knew I would be in it for a hoot because those stories were always outrageous.

One of my favorite Sophia Petrillo lines: “If I met a man who was over seventy but still looked half-way decent, I’d be on my back faster than you could say, ‘I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!’”

Blanche brought the scandal, Dorothy brought the smart analysis, Rose brought the unintentional laughs and Sophia kept them all grounded. Let’s also not be quick to forget the standard they set on television. For all the newbies, Golden Girls was the original Sex In The City.


I watch Charmed religiously every, single day. TNT plays it weekday mornings at 7 and 8 am. I believe they may have started playing it at 9 am too but I am already long out of the door for work at that point. I get ready with the Halliwell sisters. Charmed followed three sisters, known as The Charmed Ones, the most powerful good witches of all time. They were destined to protect lives from evil as they navigated their personal lives living in San Francisco. My mother would be the first to tell you that I would be glued in front of the television after school to watch this show.  After she watched The Oprah Winfrey Show, I would switch it to Charmed. Back then they would show reruns on WB. I memorized all the spells, know how to make one or two potions and remember all of the bad guys they have defeated. Considering all of this, Charmed made my ‘classic’ list and has to be number one.

Let me know some of your favorites and who you think should have made my list!

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