My Favorite Soap Opera Super Couples

Now I have mentioned this before several times on the blog but let me reiterate: there is a special place in my heart for soap operas. When I was younger, I set my summer schedule around the times my favorite soap operas would air. Next, to TNT, my favorite channel was SoapNet in high school because I could watch my soaps when I got home. Granted I probably had no business even watching soap operas were given some of the content at the age but whatever. I watched them and I loved them. Up until maybe four years ago, I was still very adamant about watching my soap operas. Though now I only watch it here and there, I still hold soap operas near and dear.

My main reason for watching soap operas? The super couples. There was nothing I loved more than watching my favorite couples makeup to break up to makeup all over again. I lived for it. I got angry when someone messed up. I was sad when they went on a “break” and I felt the love and devotion when they got back together and were doing well.

Now as we all know, soap operas don’t keep your favorite characters together for long. However, there are those soap opera super couples that no matter what, you know they were destined for each other. They may separate for a year or two or ten but you knew they would find their way back to each other because that’s just how it goes.

Soap operas are very dramatic and me being a dramatic person as you know, it worked out splendidly!

To make a very long story short, I was reminiscing with a friend about our favorite soap operas and it got me thinking about my favorite couples. As I always do when I think of these lists, I had to share it with you.

So here is a list of my favorite soap opera super couples.

5. Luke and Laura Spencer – General Hospital

You can not have a list of soap opera super couples and exclude Luke and Laura Spencer. While their union was a bit before my time, I still knew the importance of the Spencers. It is easily still one of the most talked about and revered couples in soaps today.

They had a 2 EPISODE special for their wedding, that’s how badass Luke and Laura were.


4. Bo and Hope – Days of Our Lives

Bo and Hope’s family were the only reason I really watched Days of Our Lives as much as I did. I liked Shawn and Belle and they were more relatable because of their age but it was something about Shawn’s parents that had me hooked. Bo and Hope’s love affair started before my time as well but their love continually grew and always proved to be relevant to the times. I don’t watch Days of Our Lives anymore so I am not sure of their relationship status but they definitely deserve a place on this list.

Two words: Fancy Face


3. Kendall and Zach Slater – All My Children

Various articles state that Kendall and Zach were never meant to be a serious romance but after seeing viewers’ response and the great chemistry between the two, All My Children decided to write them as true loves. In a way, the romance and love between the two snuck up on them just as much as it did us. There was a ton of conflict and roadblocks for this particular couple but eventually, they became one of the cornerstone couples for All My Children and one of my favorites.

Zach tells Kendall that he loves her


Kendall and Zach are reunited (after Zach was believed to be dead)


2. Antonio and Jessica – One Life to Live

This is a couple that I am truly upset didn’t work out. I thought they were going to be one that would still find their way back to each other after all of the drama but looks like they were just meant for a season. I didn’t get that memo and fell in love with them. I got a couple good years with this couple but it wasn’t enough. I was pissed when they broke up and really thought they had what it took to last. One Life to Live may not have agreed with me but Antonio and Jessica should have lasted.

Jessica and Antonio’s wedding 


1. Sonny and Carly Corinthos – General Hospital

Anyone who knows me is not the LEAST bit surprised at my number one choice. I am a staunch member of the Sonny and Carly fan club. To be honest, I should be at the very least Vice President of the organization by now. I LOVE THESE TWO TOGETHER. Truth be told, I still watch old clips of their relationship on YouTube at least once a month.

Don’t sit there and judge me. Well even if you do, that’s fine.

Sonny Corinthos was probably my first crush EVER and judging by recent GH episodes I caught glimpses of, he still has IT. General Hospital did a great job of making you hate them, love them and then hate to love them. They were and still are a complex couple; they both have dark pasts, ruthless ambition, and a certain single-mindedness when they want something. When they first got together, it was everything but roses. Once they found their groove and fell in love with each other, it was explosive. This is a completely volatile relationship and at times they’re destructive. In the end, though, they’re what’s best for each other. No one can pull Sonny out of the darkness like Carly can. No one evokes as much loyalty and love from Carly as Sonny does. They destroy each other yet build each other right back up. They aren’t perfect, the lives they lead are unsavory at best but damn I love it! Ying and Yang. In the soap opera world, it doesn’t get much better than Sonny and Carly Corinthos.

Before I start to really break down the history of this Corinthos’ couple, here are JUST THREE of my favorite clips. (I would put a lot more if I thought you all would watch it.)

(I loved all three women who portrayed Carly but please note that all of these clips feature Tamara Braun as Carly as she was my favorite! )

Sonny and Carly’s third wedding


After Ric’s confession:

Sonny’s confession to Carly about Sam’s baby

Okay, just one more scene!!

Now this list may look different to your mother and grandmother (or even you) if they had to compile one but these are MY personal favorites. I can’t be persuaded to add anyone or change rankings. However, for all you fellow soap fans out there; let me know YOUR favorite soap opera super couples! Who do you think deserved a seat at this table?


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