Are you a Person of Interest?

While I watch mannnny shows, my ‘trifecta’ includes ABC’s  Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal along with CBS’ Person of Interest.

If you are not watching Person of Interest then shame on you! This show has been an absolute must watch for me since its premiere in 2011.  The type of ‘must watch’ where I have to watch it at the exact time it comes on because I tend to live tweet, but most of all because I just do not want to feel left out. This, along with the aforementioned shows, are the only ones that I am absolutely adamant about watching as it premieres.

Person of Interest stars Jim Caviezel, Michael Emerson and Taraji P. Henson (well… technically not anymore given the story line last season but that’s beside the point). Without giving too much away Reese (Caviezel) is a former CIA operative who is sought out by a very reclusive billionaire, Harold Finch (Emerson), to help prevent violent crimes in New York City. Now the story behind how they are made aware of these violent crimes and who these main characters really are is what draws you in.

Anyway, I am even more excited for the upcoming season then before. I just stumbled across a video that was unveiled at Comic-Con that gives you a sneak peek into the upcoming season while highlighting some very important parts of last season.



WARNING! Spoiler alert for those who haven’t seen this before.

Last time we saw our favorite undercover heroes, they were forced to hide in ‘plain sight’ after the Samaritan surveillance program was placed online. I would explain this a little more but I really do not want to spoil it! (which I am not doing that good of a job at so far but whatever!)

This five-minute video is all I need to hold me over! We see a few new faces in this teaser while also getting a look at what our favorites have been up to.

Finch is shown to be a professor which is not a far fetch but why do they have Root and Shaw working at a cosmetics counter in what seems to be a mall?! I am sure Shaw has probably already tried to cut somebody -_-. And my Reese is a cop! A COP!!!! #icantevendeal. For those who know about the character, I am sure that you will find this equally as funny. On the other hand, though, I did briefly think that it may be paying homage to Joss (Henson) who I have convinced my cousin that Reese is in love with but I will save that for another day 🙂

Things do not stay humorous for long though as we see that the team may be forced to revert to their old ways. There is an intense scene where Root warns Finch about the “war” and how it is now time to pick a side. A very ominous song plays in the background which provides an eerie tone. All I can say from watching this clip is that we are in for a wild ride!


We are three seasons into this show, roughly 68 episodes to date. I mean, it’s really not that many that you would need to catch up on. You can honestly binge watch these and be ready in time for the premiere.

Season four premieres on Tuesday, September 23rd at 9 pm. Like I said, more than enough time to get caught up! I guarantee you will not regret it.

P.S. Here’s a clip of the cast on a panel at Comic-Con as well if you are interested in taking a look.


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