Review: His Loving Caress by Candace Shaw

Review: His Loving Caress by Candace ShawHis Loving Caress by Candace Shaw
Published by Harlequin on June 1st 2016
Genres: African American, Contemporary, Fiction, Romance
Pages: 224
Format: Paperback
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Hearts in harmony? Instead of falling apart when her childhood sweetheart chose his music career over marriage, Elle Lauren fled to Paris to study fashion design. Her stunning wedding gowns now give other brides the happily-ever-after she didn't have. Ignoring Braxton Chase's long-distance apologies has been easy. But meeting him once more stirs the deep longings and desires that a decade has not erased. Braxton walked away from the pressure to marry at a young age, and he's regretted breaking Elle's heart ever since. From the moment he sees her again at his Atlanta jazz club, he knows he wants more than forgiveness—he wants a second chance at the body-and-soul connection that they once had. Can he convince her to trust the sweet, seductive melody of their lost love?

I don’t know how I feel about the storyline in Candace Shaw’s His Loving Caress.

Braxton Chase left Elle Lauren at the altar ten years ago and now he wants her back?!

Did you hear what I said? Braxton LEFT HER AT THE ALTAR. As in the day they were supposed to get married, he did not show up. Invitations were sent and received, Elle had personally designed the bridal gowns, the wedding was paid for  and his ass was nowhere to be found. He had this girl looking like Boo Boo the fool.

He sees her after ten years and wants her back. Sure, he sent her flowers after every major fashion show and checked up on her via the web but he couldn’t find her number and call her? Beg forgiveness all those years ago?

Elle is better than me, because she forgave that man way too quickly. I felt like they saw each other twice in as many days, had a talk about the incident all those years ago and bam! They were  friends again. As you know, friends quickly turned into something else and they realized the love they had was still present and powerful.

I’m petty so I’m not having it. Braxton would have had to do A LOT more groveling, a few piano tunes couldn’t have made me go back that quickly.

Don’t mind me, though, like I said I’m petty Patty. You keep listening to me and you’ll stay single, haha.

Besides my obvious annoyance with this, His Loving Caress was a solid read and a good story about the power of second chances. At the end of the day, most people deserve second chances, especially when they’re sincere in their apology and the other person is confident that something like that won’t happen again.

An easy read, I read His Loving Caress on a lazy Sunday afternoon and would recommend to both new and long-time fans. I think this may have been the first book I’ve read by Candace Shaw but I’ll definitely check out others.

Have you read any of Shaw’s books? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below!


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