Three Books To Read Before The Movie Premieres in 2016

I have a love-hate relationship with books being turned into movies. 80% of the time, in my opinion, the film doesn’t do the book justice. With that being said, I sometimes can’t resist watching the movie. As much bravado as I have about these things; I’m still lured into watching the film, especially if it based on a book that I really loved.

2016 will see the release of a few film adaptations of books. Here are the three books to read before the movie premieres in 2016:

three books to read before movie premieres in 2016

The Girl On The Train

I was not surprised when I heard that this was being made into a film. Given the success of Gone Girl, this novel was a shoe-in for the movie treatment. Though the storylines are a bit different, comparisons have already been made and there are many who prefer this book over the latter. Admittedly, I can’t consider myself a true fan of this work. I read the book and thought the story was pretty solid but I just couldn’t connect with it. However, the unreliable narrator along with the mystery make for a decent Hollywood script.

In The Girl on the Train, we are introduced to Rachel; a recent divorcee who takes the same train every day for her commute. A part of her routine includes watching a couple where she creates her own version of their lives. One day, she witnesses something shocking and reports it to the police. From there, she becomes deeply entwined in the mystery that follows. The film premieres October 7, 2016.

The Queen of Katwe

I’ve been waiting on Lupita Nyong’o’s next starring role since her Oscar win and I am happy to see that I will get it in 2016 when she stars in The Queen of Katwe.

The Queen of Katwe tells the story of a young girl from Uganda who trains to become a world chess champion. Nyong’o plays the child’s mother and you can purchase the book here to read before the movie premieres.

Me Before You

I have shouted this book’s praises from the rooftops as loud and as often as I can. I even named it the best book I read last year.Me Before You follows Will Traynor and Louisa Clark. Will was a very successful businessman and world traveler who loved extreme sports until an accident left him a quadriplegic. Louisa is a small town girl who gets a temporary position assisting Will. Their relationship gets off to a rocky start, but soon cold distance turns into a love for the ages. When Louisa finds out about Will’s shocking plans, she makes it her mission to show him that there is a life still worth living.

The storyline and the characters lend for a great script and I’m confident that this will be a pretty solid film. Starring Emilia Clarke, Sam Claflin, Matthew Lewis; Me Before You hits theaters on March 4th.


There you have it: the three books to read before my movie premieres in 2016! Have you read any of these books and what film adaptations are you looking forward to that aren’t mentioned here?

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