My Five Favorite Book Couples

Romance novels are all about the featured couples. As someone who reads as many romance novels as I do, of course, I have a list of favorite book couples. It’s almost important to note that this list is only valid as of 2-23-18 this is liable to change in the next few weeks or so :). As I read new books or reread old favorites, characters intrigue me and couples may move up and onto this list.


Jolene Walker and Michael Kirkland

Rochelle Alers’ No Compromise

The name Kirkland may ring a bell to some of you. Joshua Kirkland, Michael’s father, was featured as one of my favorite romantic heroes. His son Michael lives up to the name with all the badassery and compassion that Joshua had.

As a busy executive director for “a program dedicated to reaching out to victimized women”, Jolene Walker doesn’t have the time for personal relationships, until she meets US Army Captain Michael Kirkland. Michael is sensual, a bit mysterious and powerful enough to get her to submit to passion if only for a few nights. When Jolene takes on a new client with secrets that thrust her into danger, Michael has to decide whether he’s willing to risk everything to protect and save the woman he now loves.

Nathaniel Woods and Taiyler Richardson

T.P. Carter’s Behind Those Eyes

I have written about my love for this book (and couple) in the past. The situation wasn’t ideal, the timing sucked and there would be warning signs for most of us. However, the love was undeniable and there was a magnetic pull that made it hard for this couple to ignore each other, no matter how hard they tried. As someone who believes in the possibility that love can transcend time, I absolutely loved Nate and Taiyler as a couple.

Drake Warren and Victoria Green

Brenda Jackson’s The Midnight Hour

The Midnight Hour is my favorite Brenda Jackson novel and Drake Warren has been my favorite hero for a long time. Drake and Victoria ( formerly Sandy) are a highly trained, sexy and dangerous couple.

Joaquin Wallace and Nayeli Campbell

B. Love’s Send Me and I’ll Go

B. Love’s male characters are known for providing a great balance of patient and assertive; rugged and sexy. I love many of the couples featured in her novels. However, there is something about Joaquin and Nayeli from Send Me, I’ll Go that makes keeps me rereading this duet. There is quite a bit of secrecy with these two and of course, that has its repercussions but there is a genuine love and healing that transpires between these two that makes it impossible to ignore them.

Hester Wyatt & Galen Vachon

Beverly Jenkins’ Indigo 

Of course one of my favorite book couples is a result of my favorite historical romance. Hester and Galen had an all-consuming love. He allowed her to see herself as more than a former slave with stained hands. With her, Galen was able to truly love for the first time. Together, they were able to indulge in the small pleasures of life.


This list could have easily stretched to 10 or 15 or so but I promised myself that I would only list my favorite five. Here’s to hoping you all don’t see a part two to this post in a week or two. Ha!

To my fellow romance readers, tell me some of your favorite book couples!

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