The 5 Books Guaranteed to Make Me Cry

I used to be a huge cry baby back in my day. You looked at me wrong, I cried. You raised your voice at me, I cried. I lose my favorite book, I cried. Fast forward about 15 years and that’s no longer the case.

Every now and then, as I’ve mentioned before, I need a good cry and don’t care to explain why. This is when I turn to certain films and books.

Like with films, the book needs to have several elements and a good range of emotions. I’m a sucker for a sad story at times so the more crying it’ll get out of me, the better.


five books guaranteed to make me cry

Get your tissues ready, here are the five books guaranteed to make me cry:

a lover's shame

A Lover’s Shame – Altonya Washington

This book was subtle in the emotions it pulled out of me as the reader. I didn’t boo-boo cry as I did in some of the other books I’ll mention here but I briefly mourned the loss for both Isak and Sabella. I felt the shame Sabella carried with her, the longing from both her and Isak, and the quest for the truth and justice.

behind those eyes tp carter

Behind Those Eyes – T.P. Carter

Behind Those Eyes by T.P. Carter is the most underrated romance out there. Don’t debate me. One of my top 10 romance books ever, I read this book at least twice a year. I didn’t cry for the normal reasons with this book, I cried due to the loss and what-ifs in this novel. This novel is an example of a love story that transcends time. I think I cried in this novel because the main character was so conflicted. The love that she was drawn to and wanted to experience was forbidden and so she was at war with herself. Without giving too much away, by the time Taiyler took a leap of faith with Nathaniel, it was almost too late (at least in the present time). What promised forever ended in a blink of an eye. Like other readers, I mourned the loss. Behind Those Eyes reminds us of just how short life (and love) really is.

suzanne's diary for nicholas

Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas – James Patterson

I may have read this in high school and it was probably the first book that made me cry. It wasn’t the typical book that readers would expect from crime writer extraordinaire, James Patterson, but I think that’s part of what made this novel so good. Katie Wilkinson’s boyfriend, Matt, left her and she’s confused as she thought things were going well. Matt left with no explanation except a diary from his first wife, Suzanne, written to their son Nicholas.

This book will have you smiling and embracing the love that seeps through Suzanne’s diary one minute and then crying for Matt’s loss the next. It’s subtle but it packs the right punch.

a child called it

A Child Called It: One Child’s Courage to Survive – Dave Pelzer

I also read this in high school and remember being so taken aback by Dave Pelzer’s story that I had to lower my head in the library so no one would see how much I was crying. Dave’s story is gut wrenching but inspirational so you’ll cry because of his pain and suffering but also due to his triumph as he was able to survive and be successful.

me before you jojo moyes

Me Before You – Jojo Moyes

As of right now, this is probably my most recommended book. I read this book last year and was blown away by the story. It was a phenomenal book that took my breath away in many scenes. I had a long cry while reading this, to the point where I was boo-boo crying. I cried so much that at 3am when I was finally to the last page, I had a headache.  Me Before You is such a great read and was the best book I read in 2015.


What books do you go to when you need a good cry? Let me know in the comments below! Recommendations are always welcomed. 🙂

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